Video: Weiland Stone-Cold Serious About Defending Democracy

Rick Weiland is serious about defending democracy from Big Money:

This stone-faced video, like the “Pledge” video that accompanied the public launch of Weiland’s new political action group, is a serious departure from the catchy pickin’-an’a-grinnin’ music videos that headlined Weiland’s 2014 Senate campaign. But the tone reflects the seriousness of the threats Weiland sees to “real democracy by the We the People.”

12 Responses to Video: Weiland Stone-Cold Serious About Defending Democracy

  1. larry kurtz

    The South Dakota Democratic Party is on life support and another patient wants to tap into the IV drip.

    I swear.

  2. Roger Cornelius

    If you are on life support, do you just lie there and wait to die or do you fight to live?

  3. To dark and too generic. I don’t know what this clip is good for.

  4. Deb Geelsdottir

    This effort is happening in a variety of forms and names across the country. We can’t give up.

  5. My friend Mr. C has it right. You don’t give up, people. Even if you are dying. I respect Mr. C for that.

    Just like I respect my good friend Bill for exploring alternatives.

  6. larry kurtz

    your good friend bill is dead, grud.

  7. I did like the song in the movie that Mr. Weiland narrates, Lar. If Bill would have produced that movie it would have been more light-hearted. Happier. Pink.

  8. larry kurtz

    Rick could have made that same advert imploring stragglers to contribute the South Dakota Democratic Party and a little pink might have helped.

  9. Roger Cornelius

    The criticism of Rick’s chosen format to get his message out sounds like something from the Dump Site.

    Have any of you taken the time to read Rick’s messages on TakeItBack, that should be the topic of discussion, not the color of his shirt.

  10. larry kurtz

    Rick’s choice to splice into a dying patient’s feeding tube sounds like something from the Twilight Zone.

  11. larry kurtz

    If Rick is planning a run against don Juan Thune he should just get off the pot and do it.

  12. Roger Cornelius

    Rick is under no obligation to anyone to either run or announce a run against John Thune. There is adequate time to make that decision.

    Have you read the material posted on TakeItBack.Org?