Blogger Gets Nudie Ads on Computer, Triples KDLT’s Web Traffic

Pat Powers finds porn ads on KDLT’s website. I go look (out of journalistic curiosity, right?) and find…

I could keep clicking all day on KDLT’s site, hoping to find some evidence to corroborate Pat’s claims, but I’ve got a sandwich to eat.

The Googles have little programs that know what you’ve been searching on your computer and serve up ads related to your apparent interests. Far be it from me to cast doubt on Pat’s avowal that he hasn’t been searching for porn that could have triggered the outbreak of nookie ads on his screen, but I’ll bet I know the explanation: Pat’s just been spending too much time Googling Annette Bosworth and Lee Stranahan.

13 Responses to Blogger Gets Nudie Ads on Computer, Triples KDLT’s Web Traffic

  1. Haven’t heard from the Dakota Reporter in some time…

    Or maybe I was blocked for asking too many questions about why I shouldn’t think Bozzy isn’t crazy?

  2. Uh Oh…wonder how long before the post is taken down.

  3. Ya, Talese, the site to which you refer produces original material about as frequently as Dakota War College. (Ba-dum-ching!)

  4. Wayne Pauli

    What an IDIOT…Tell him to at a minimum use the incognito setting on his browser. Each browser might call it something different. IE calls it InPrivate, Chrome does call it incognito, even Safari has one. Pat, empty your cookies, empty your recently viewed website, try to keep your hands in your pockets and out of everybody elses. As for me, I have a bunch of ads for Sperry shoes, Lands End clothing, and Canon cameras. Nothing as filled with fun as what Pat has…Maybe I am using my InPrivate setting in Internet Explorer :-)

    By the way, IDIOT is an acronym standing for: ID Ten T error. I use it when I am programming. I think Pat encountered one of those. Or, perhaps a PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)

  5. Lee works for brightbart now. Good riddance

  6. LOL. He claims that there was no searches done for that topic, but google does one thing quite well – serve up content that is relevant to your browsing history… I needed a good laugh for today! Thanks Pat!

  7. Nick Nemec

    Pat, Pat, Pat, surely you’re savvy enough to know why you’re getting those ads?

  8. If Sir Sphincter devours Internet porn anything like he does the great food down at the little Chinese buffet in Brookings, it’s a wonder he gets anything done at all!

    On second thought, aren’t most of the posts on his fake blog submitted by the politicos? Oh my! Could it be that a closet pornographer has “exposed” himself?

  9. Hey Pat, that’s what happens when you don’t get any. You look for porn

  10. This is funny! Pat, it could be the wife or the kids.

  11. Deb Geelsdottir

    This is all just too funny! Hahahaha!

  12. Gotta have a little dessert, Deb. :-)

  13. Deb Geelsdottir

    Thanks for the entertainment Cory.