State Dems Offer Online Signup for Referendum Petitions

Whoo-hoo! The South Dakota Democratic Party has a webpage up to recruit petitioners to help refer the odious Senate Bills 69 and 177! Here’s how the Dems boil the youth minimum wage cut and the Incumbents Protection Act into door-to-door pitches:

South Dakotans made their voices heard when they passed Initiated Measure 18 by a margin of over 10%. However, our Governor and our Legislature did not listen to South Dakota voters. We need to send Governor Daugaard a strong message that South Dakotans do not support a lower minimum wage for our youth!

We also know that South Dakotans don’t want to make it harder for people to run for public office, SB 69 does just that! SB 69 increases the number of signatures required to place a name on the ballot and adds burdensome hurdles for those seeking to make South Dakota’s future brighter. Sign up to circulate and sign petitions for SB 69 [South Dakota Democratic Party, “Refer SB 177 and SB 69!” downloaded 2015.04.23].

The Dems offer a quick and easy web form through which you can sign up to receive petitions and circulate.  You can also download petitions in PDF form for printing right here:

I can also send you paper copies. But whether you get the petitions from the Dems or from me, get ’em, circulate ’em, and help protect democracy from two bad laws!

9 Responses to State Dems Offer Online Signup for Referendum Petitions

  1. thanks for getting this rolling state-wide cory-i am sure the dems sincerely appreciate your effort.

  2. Glad to serve, Leslie! And hey—have you signed? Would you like to circulate?

  3. yup. and am. missed you in sx falls where I hear u were nominated for an award.

  4. Kim Wright

    The national Independent folks ( are very interested in SB69 and hopefully will have some helpful ideas and/or resources to help with this effort as well. Will keep you posted!

  5. Leslie—say what? Nominated? I totally missed that.

  6. Kim! Tell those folks to call me… or tell me whom to call! I’m open to any new ideas and resources, but really all we need are a couple hundred more people marching petitions around the state. Would you like to circulate?

  7. Kim Wright

    Cory, I don’t think I have your. My cell is 431-7588 text me your number. I have a conference call with them tomorrow! Will print off the petitions and see what I and others can do. When do they have to be submitted??

  8. Tell us more of this major award, Ms. Wright! Mr. H is too modest to share his laudings and decorations with us here.

  9. Kim! You rock! Be sure to print them completely and two-sided. Send your notarized petitions back to me by June 1; I have to get them to the Secretary of State’s office by June 29; the June 1 collection date will let me count, check, and organize a proportionate final push. See more info on my petition circulation guide:

    I just texted you my number, Kim. Call me this p.m.!