Daschle Speaking at Aspire Fundraiser Tuesday in Aberdeen

Tom Daschle is speaking in Aberdeen tomorrow. The Aberdeen paper tells me that our former Senator will be speaking at the Aspire Foundation’s inaugural dinner and fundraiser at the Dakota Event Center out back of the Holiday and Hampton Inns (and next to Target—come do some shopping, Tom!).

According to the Aspire Foundation’s RSVP sheet, $50 gets you dinner and a seat at the back of the hall. Sponsor a table for $400 and you get your name on the program. Kick in $750 or $1,500, and you get an autograph and photo with Daschle while mingling at the exclusive social hour (well, three-quarters hour) before dinner.

And in a fun bit of regressive tax incentive, low-end ticket buyers get to claim 60% of their ticket as a charitable deduction. At $750, you can claim a 78.6% deduction. Top donors get to claim 89.3%.

Aspire manages several group homes and provides jobs for Aberdonians with developmental disabilities.

5 Responses to Daschle Speaking at Aspire Fundraiser Tuesday in Aberdeen

  1. Daschle got where he got by being incredibly smart.

    Thune got where he is by being (or at least acting) stupid.

  2. I stopped at Aspire at 10 this morning to check on tickets and was told that there were none left. The lady I spoke with also said that they had to turn in the count last Friday so she didn’t know why it was even in the paper alluding that tickets might be available.

  3. Well, that’s a disappointment, Bert! Aspire should have rented a bigger hall, could’ve made more money. Did the lady you spoke with mention whether they have any press passes left? ;-)

  4. Bert, print yourself up a press pass and wear it in your hat.

  5. Her name was Janae. I got a hand shake and a “sorry, but no”. Hope you have better connections.