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Editor and Publisher: Cory Allen Heidelberger

CAH Nov 2010 -- Photo Credit: Jeremiah MurphyCory, what’s Dakota Free Press about?

The Dakota Free Press, like its preceding incarnation the Madville Times, is about South Dakota politics. I discuss and invite you to discuss statewide and local issues.

I occasionally turn to national and international issues, usually because of their impact on South Dakota, but sometimes just because I find them darned interesting.

I make no pretense of strictly objective reporting. I spent the first 15 years of my adult life as a philosophical Republican/Libertarian. I retain classical conservative beliefs, but in the mid 2000s, I realized that the practical maximization of liberty requires a strong social contract with robust government action. I thus now write about South Dakota as a Democrat in loyal opposition to the state’s one-party regime and the closest thing to liberal media you’ll find anywhere talking about South Dakota. I make clear in my blog posts what I believe and what I want for my community.

Whenever possible, I will offer quotes and hyperlinks to verify my facts and support my opinions. I encourage readers and commenters to do the same.

I am 100% owner and operator of this blog. No political party, corporation, or other organization dictates content or editorial choices. I speak for myself. Guest columnists speak for themselves unless they indicate otherwise.

This blog is funded entirely by contributions from appreciative readers and advertisers who want to reach the smartest online audience in South Dakota. To support the Dakota Free Press, tap the Tip Jar in the near right sidebar! To advertise, read my Advertising policy, then contact me.


  1. Gordon Richard 2016-03-19 09:22

    Cory: I come here periodically to check on SD politics. I have been coming more often with regards to the whole “Gear Up” affair. I may also return more often as the political season gets hotter. I have sent money to Bernie, and am disappointed in his recent losses. By the way, have you seen the latest SNL ‘commercial’ for Hillary? Very good; points out how she has become ‘more like Bernie’; now, if it is for keeps, one can only guess.

    On another topic: I am not sure how the Dems will fair in SD this year. Thune is at the heart of the Republican leadership and although a major player in the Republican debacle, may still to go on unscathed in November, 2016. We will have to see. Gordon Richard, Doland

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-03-19 09:30

    Thanks, Gordon! I haven’t seen the SNL ad yet, but keep the Bernie faith and the Dem faith! If Williams, Hawks, and he rest of us work hard and smart, we can get our message across.

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