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Blog Fun: Tillerson → Pompeo → Netherton → Jenna → New District 10 Appointment?

Does Rex Tillerson’s firing mean Jenna Netherton will finally resign from her District 10 Senate seat?

Roll with me for an evening reverie of rank blog speculation:

Rex Tillerson, Mike Pompeo
TIllerson out at State; Pompeo in.

If you thought Donald Trump couldn’t pick a worse Secretary of State than an Exxon CEO with a medal from Vladimir Putin but no experience in public service, then you have another think coming. Our new top diplomat will be Trump’s first CIA director and former Kansas Tea Party Congressman Mike Pompeo, a dangerous Christian extremist who defends torture and won a medal from one of America’s most venomous anti-Muslim organizations.

Mike Pompeo employed Michael D. Netherton as a legislative aide from Q2 2012 through Q3 2015. Netherton’s LinkedIn profile says he then went to work as an adjunct instructor at Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas, until December 2016.

Netherton’s online presence goes poof in December 2016, a month after his old boss in Congress got Donald Trump’s nod to run the CIA, and two months after tying the knot with South Dakota State Senator Jenna Haggar:

Vintage Occasions, photos of Mike Netherton/Jenna Haggar wedding, posted publicly on Facebook, 2016.10.09.
Vintage Occasions, photos of Mike Netherton/Jenna Haggar wedding, posted publicly on Facebook, 2016.10.09.

Jenna Haggar Netherton has continued to represent District 10 in the Legislature, although she’s been scarce enough around Sioux Falls to rouse rumors that she and new hubby Mike are really living in Texas.

Now one would think that, if Mike Netherton and Mike Pompeo are still in touch, Pompeo was better positioned at the CIA to find a nice patronage position for Jenna Haggar Netherton, who has some experience conducting undercover operations. But given Pompeo’s new, more public-facing position, maybe he’ll be freer to place his old staffer Mike and Mike’s nice wife Jenna in splashier D.C. positions. Maybe Jenna can finally dust South Dakota off her fine shoes and go to work for CPAC (if they fondly recall her 2014 audition tape).

I have no more evidence for this wild speculation than the links I present here. But in a world where everything is connected, Trump’s replacement of Tillerson with Pompeo could put the final pieces in place to move the Nethertons to D.C. and open up another opportunity for Governor Dennis Daugaard to grace a rookie candidate for Legislator with the unearned title of “incumbent.”


  1. jerry 2018-03-13 21:36

    Good find Cory! Maybe District 10 has been gerrymandered into Texas. Would not surprise me as to how the cabal in Pierre works these days. Does she commute? Does she Skype? Where does she vote and where is she registered? What about hubby?

  2. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-03-14 06:04

    All of those details are a mystery, Jerry. Perhaps Pompeo brought hubby Mike along to the CIA, and the Nethertons had to keep their whereabouts under the radar.

    Jenna retains her voter registration in the 57103 ZIP code. However, her Legislative profile lists her address as P.O. Box 763 in SF ZIP 57101.

  3. jerry 2018-03-14 09:52

    Yep, State state secrets. Jenna has gerrymandered even her South Dakota zip code while her cabal encourages her to do so. Bet she voted for a raise though.

    So why did Pompeo get the deck chair shuffle of jobs when Tillerson stood up to the Russians, Money! PM Theresa May just kicked 23 Russians out of the UK and is gonna put sanctions on their arse’s. Tillerson wanted to pretty much do the same. NOem/Thune/Rounds voted for sanctions and then lost their spine to not doing anything about it for trump’s sake. Tillerson exposed the United States for being an empty suit that can no longer be counted on to stand up to Putin. We may bomb the hell out of some defenseless country, but now we have shown what we have now become, empty. Not to worry though, Putin will take our place while Pompeo and Jenna’s hubby work to figure more ways to try to line their pockets. It is all about the money.

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