Chief of Staff: Trump “Tried” to Be Human

Unable to protect the President from behind the scenes, the way a normal chief of staff working for a normal, competent President would, White House chief of staff John Kelly has to take the podium today to explain why Donald Trump couldn’t even handle consoling the grieving family of a fallen soldier.

Kelly, a veteran and father of a fallen soldier himself, brings some gravitas to the discussion. But two lines stand out from his White House remarks today:

Chief of Staff john Kelly, doing the best he could at the White House, 2017.10,19. Screen cap from NYT video.
Chief of Staff john Kelly, doing the best he could at the White House, 2017.10,19. Screen cap from NYT video.

So he called four people the other day and expressed his condolences in the best way that he could. And he said to me, what do I say? I said to him, sir, there’s nothing you can do to lighten the burden on these families.Well, let me tell you what I told him. Let me tell you what my best friend, Joe Dunford, told me — because he was my casualty officer. He said, Kel, he was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. He knew what he was getting into by joining that 1 percent. He knew what the possibilities were because we’re at war. And when he died, in the four cases we’re talking about, Niger, and my son’s case in Afghanistan — when he died, he was surrounded by the best men on this Earth: his friends.

That’s what the President tried to say to four families the other day [emphasis mine; john Kelly, remarks from the White House, as transcribed by New York Times, 2017.10.19].

Donald tried. Donald did the best… that he could.

Donald is not a preschooler struggling with 7-8-9 and shoelaces. Donald is the President of the United States, an official we elect to be one of the most competent people on the planet. We’re not talking about formulating complicated fiscal policy or an intricate multilateral trade treaty. We’re talking about expressing simple human empathy and gratitude for a family’s ultimate sacrifice.

Donald’s phone-call snafu shows his irremediable self-absorption, his inability to see beyond himself and genuinely feel for his fellow Americans. Trump is proof that narcissists make terrible Presidents.

77 Responses to Chief of Staff: Trump “Tried” to Be Human

  1. What did anyone expect from Kelly? Brass did not get to be brass without kissing arse. Kelly got the order from trump and did what any senior officer would have done, he followed the commander in chiefs order. Go out and humiliate yourself Kelly, yes sir.
    Kelly should now address why dead white soldiers families get the call from trump and dead black soldier families do not.
    Kelly should go further and answer the question about respect for women when the dude he has fallen on his sword for has some pretty clear ways in which he abuses women.
    Kelly awaits the orders for more and more irony.

  2. Robin Friday

    I was beginning to think General Kelly might actually have a set of ethics regarding serving his country. But if he’s going to cave to defend Trump as “trying to be human”, I can’t help but think he has discipline and the ability to pull things together. . .coming up short on serving the country rather than the boss.

  3. Robin Friday

    Has anyone else noticed how, in just the past few days, Trump is holding his arms across his chest when he speaks, like a shield. Protective body language, makes him look defensive. Wonder why?

  4. Robin, fascists always fold their arms that way. Here is trump from earlier today with Mitch McConnell to his right and Kelly and company to his left. See, you can clearly see the arm folding.

  5. Roger Cornelius

    A real human being knows how to feel and express empathy and sympathy. Trump’s chief of staff should not have to tutor the president on how to express his feelings.
    Unfortunately Gen. Kelly didn’t know that you can’t teach empathy to a non-human being.
    There was a news headline today that caught my attention, I can’t recall where I saw it, that said, “Trump reacts and a crisis is born”, this has been true of his presidency since he was sworn-in.

  6. It’s highly likely the general’s words to his boss and to us were accurate and heartfelt. General Dunford consoling the general is vastly different, coming from a different cultural perspective, than an always civilian POTUS failing to console a civilian recent widow. The general took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution; and unlike that POS Oliver North, the general does not supplant personal loyalty for loyalty to the Constitution, did not seek his job, and give no indication that a figment of personal loyalty overrides his loyalty to the Constitution. Recall the last POTUS reminded us that we all need POTUS to succeed – as remote as such success may appear, and it’s never appeared more remote.

    Cut the general slack until its evident he pulls an Oliver North and sells out – this general appears as having the hardest job in the world in trying to fulfill Benjamin Franklin’s edict of, ‘it’s a republic, if you can keep it’. The voters, electoral college, and social media are the biggest threats to keeping the republic.

  7. Trump didn’t call these families or write letters until after the press asked him about it and after he got called out for lying about both his own outreach efforts and those of prior presidents trying to make himself look good. And Trump reneged on his promise back in June to would send a personal $25,000 check to a grieving father until that father this week exposed the fact that Trump had made a promise and reneged on it.

    Never before has there been a president who lies constantly, non-stop, every day, about everything, like this prevaricator in chief. You literally can’t believe a word that comes out of Trump’s mouth because it’s every bit as likely to be a lie as a truth. Trump is the definition of a sleezy person of low character. If he hadn’t been born with a platinum spoon in his mouth he would have wound up penniless and in prison. Anybody who would buy a cheap used car from that guy deserves the lemon they would get.

  8. All presidents are narcissists, but Trump is also a sociopath.

  9. Kelly sat at the table of honor at a Gold Star family reception with Mrs. Obama and has the nerve to politicize the death of his son, by saying Obama did not contact him? Kelly is exactly like the rest of there, swamp dwellers of the first degree. trump has not only filled the swamp to overflow, he continues to pollute it with disrespect for the military men and women who have given it all. Shame on Kelly for that disrespect of his own son by making a political statement that is not true.

  10. As Fire Chief for the South Dakota Division of Wildland Fire, I had to deliver the death notification to the Haskvitz family. Their son, Trampus was killed on the Coal Canyon Fire in 2012 in Hot Springs, South Dakota . He was 23 years old. I wore my Class A Uniform and took the Fire Department Chaplin with me. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and the loss hurt me personally.

    I can say that I would never say to the family of my fallen firefighter “he knew what he signed up for , but I guess it still hurt.” These comments are so unfeeling, show a lack of compassion, and shows me what a complete flawed human this guy is. You can not explain this away by putting your Chief of Staff in the hot seat.

  11. Joe: You don’t know what context those words were used or if those words were truly used. Don’t do this to yourself and those you honored.

    As for the rest of you, think about your humanity and what you are doing here. Whether the man is president or not remember the police officer than has to go to the door to tell someone of the loss of someone in a car accident, the soldier sitting in a car outside a home waiting for the first light to come on to talk to a wife, a parent or sibling.

    This conversation should not be about trashing someone for trying when you are not willing to do the same.

  12. A decent human being also wouldn’t feel the need to holler on Twitter about what a decent human being he himself is.

    OldSarg, I’m willing to do the same. I’m willing work as a public servant and do difficult things under public scrutiny.

    Donald Trump knew what he was singing up for.

  13. And OldSarg, Joe does know the context. He’s lived that context. I’m afraid Joe is one authority you just can’t dismiss with your fake relativism and agnosticism. We know what the President was trying to do, we know he failed at this human gesture, and we know that he’s the one who blew it up into another political fracas with his own lying and self-absorbed insensitivity.

  14. mike from iowa

    According to Kelly, Drumpf repeated nearly verbatim what Kelly told him to. W/o attribution, of course.

  15. This is just the most bizarre presidency i have ever remembered.

  16. David Newquist

    Long before Trump became a nominee, the press reported daily on his lying. Since becoming president, the Washington Post says he averages 5 lies a day. While he use superlatives to refer to those who agree with him, his tweets and daily comments are a constant stream of malicious invective. Anything Trump says has to be measured by his overwhelming record of mendacity and malice. A call from Trump means one is likely to exposed to more of his malignancy. As Jerry points out, brass gets that way by smooching ass. Kelly undoubtedly knows Trump’s personality and his attempt to gloss over Trump’s malicious dishonesty is just a case of brass being dutiful brass.

  17. mike from iowa

    A little sympathy for the (real Donald Trump) victim, please.

  18. Donald Pay

    If you were serious about loving the United States of America, you wouldn’t spend one minute defending Trump. I have no respect for Kelly. The words Kelly spoke were absolutely awful, and provide a window into both Trump and Kelly that show them to both be deplorable.

    Trump is 70 years old, and he has to ask someone about being a human being, and expressing empathy as a human being to another human being. This proves just how mentally out of touch with reality Trump is.

    But Kelly isn’t much better. I have empathy for the loss of his son, but to turn that into a defense of our mentally ill commander-in-his-own-sick-mind is just awful, and then he went on a tirade against the Congresswoman who had known and mentored one of the dead soldiers, is simply unforgivable.

  19. mike from iowa

    Drumpf gave himself an A+ for his response to Puerto Rico’s hurricanes while he was talking with PR’s governor.

    History won’t be as kind to him.

  20. Kelly proven a liar just like his boss the head dude lying liar.

    Kelly falls into the long line of white supremacist nonsense of proven lies we keep hearing over and over. Kelly, and the head lying liar, need to show us the reason why 4 Green Beret were killed in an ambush and why one of them was left at the site for two days. One thing an infantry man like myself was always made to think was that if you got hit, you would not be left. No wonder there was not an open casket, as it is not hard to imagine how the ambushers must have treated his body. The fault of the ambush in Niger as well as the failure in Yemen goes squarely onto the dunce in charge. He knew what he was signing up for. Lock him up.

  21. Hucks lying daughter trotted out the latest lie. With the proof in the news of Kelly lying, they now say that the conversation was between Kelly and the Congresswoman only. No witnesses, no one saw them speaking to one another. Nothing. Looks more like the EB5 with Joop and Rounds as the time goes by.

  22. Read you own posts folks. You sound like shrill witches. You seem so filled with hate and anger.

    “the press reported daily on his lying, 5 lies a day, constant stream of malicious invective, record of mendacity and malice, smooching ass, I have no respect for Kelly, absolutely awful, both be deplorable. mentally ill commander-in-his-own-sick-mind, proven a liar just like his boss the head dude lying liar, white supremacist, head lying liar, lying daughter”

    Those are your words! You have all sunk yourselves into a sad, sad level. This is not discourse, discussion or even argument. It is nothing more than malicious ranting. Hate, hate, hate. . . You are becoming dangerous to yourselves.

  23. Roger Cornelius

    “into a sad, sad level”. Sad, one of Trump’s favorite words.
    If anything is “sad” it is the way that Trump has treated the congresswoman and the victim’s family.
    If you’re looking for sympathy or empathy for Donald Trump you are looking in the wrong damn place, OldSarg.
    OldSarg do yourself a favor and google the Washington Post and see the list of Trump’s lies and read them out loud. And please spare us your torment, the Post is not fake news.

  24. mike from iowa

    The right honorable Kelly accused a sitting congresswoman of violating a sacred trust by listening in. She has a close,personal relationship with the dead Marine’s family and mentored the fallen hero. The call was received on a speaker phone.

    Then Kelly started tossing out outright lies about her that were easily debunked.

    This doesn’t include the multitude of lies told sinc Huly of this years, Old Sarg.

    The WH says reporters shouldn’t question Marine Generals. Why not? Can’t they speak for themselves?

  25. Turns out the 4 dead Green Beret actually did not know what to expect. A massive failure by the trump incompetence to fully secure the air, intelligence and extraction modules for any kind of actions there. The entire unit was almost completely sacrificed and would have been had it not been for French forces that came to their aid.

    When trump and exxon Tillerson booted Chad by placing an immigration ban on them, that did it. Chad has the best counter intelligence units in probably the world. They are that good. trump and company gave them the boot and now we have dead Americans and a mission failure of great magnitude. No armored vehicles just some pickup trucks.

    No wonder the lying Kelly is doing his best to defend the chief lying liar trump for this massive failure. Lock him up. Lock trump up.

  26. The French war planes and attack helicopters stopped the attack from anahilating the combined forces of American and Niger forces. Civilian private contractors working on projects had to come to evacuate the dead and wounded from the ambush site.

    Now, the liar in chief has a protest letter going out about the NFL. trump is at war with everyone but will not take accountability for his failure in Yemen, Syria, Iran, now Niger and one of the worst, Puerto Rico. Against his fellow Americans, trump would rather protest the NFL than save Americans.

  27. Donald Pay

    My hypothesis on the deaths of the four soldiers is that it had something to do with the uranium mining in the Niger, and how both French and Chinese companies are ripping off and poisoning the people there (and in nearby Mali). This has resulted in unrest and threatens to make these countries failed states. Islamic forces (maybe ISIS) are in the area. Whether they are there to assist the people or to get their hands on the uranium, it serves as a reminder that the international nuclear industry is poison in many different ways.

    I note that there is another iteration of feign outrage about the Uranium One takeover by the Russians, and the supposed link to Hillary Clinton in various new outlets. There are lessons here for South Dakota, and the proposed uranium operation by Azarga.

  28. Donald Pay

    Yup, jerry provided a link that also suggests uranium could definitely be the reason this group of soldiers was sent into the area.

  29. You guys never stop. It’s like you are so obsessed with attacking anyone that doesn’t abide by your radical thought line is no more than an animal. Do you not see what other rational people see? You have all turned into animals. Like a pack of wolves chasing a wounded deer and it doesn’t mater the anguish of others around the deer. You smell blood and have gone out of your minds. Like dogs in heat you just can’t stop yourselves.

    It’s Friday. Go outside and howl at the moon, pee on a fence or do whatever you animals do.

  30. Roger Cornelius

    I feel “sad” for the Trumpers that don’t understand the lies that Trump and Gen. Kelly.
    If OldSarg gets his panties in a wad about what we say on Dakota Free Press about the liars Trump and Kelly we have to wonder why he bothers reading and commenting here.
    His comments get zero support from the readers here.

  31. Robert McTaggart

    Niger is #4 in the world in uranium production, with Namibia and Russia making about the same amount.

    Canada and Australia produce more uranium than those nations do. In fact, Canada produces more than 10 times as much uranium than the U.S. does today. So where is the concern about Canada?

  32. 1) My “panties” are not in a wad.

    2) You if had the intellectual capacity to realize how you are coming across to America you would shut your diarrhea hose sitting in the middle of your face.

    3) Everything that you post on Dakota Free Press can be seen by every American, every person and even you daughter.

  33. “we have to wonder why he bothers reading and commenting here”

    Because you are the epitome of the proverbial “Bully” and I dislike Bullies.

  34. Roger Cornelius

    My non-existent daughter would probably encourage me to take you, Kelly and Trump on. I encourage Americans to read my words, but I encourage them to read your shallow defense of the chief-of-staff and the president as well.
    You OldSarg, are the epitome of and uneducated Trump supporter. Keep this in mind as Trump pushes us closer and closer to unnecessary nuclear war.

  35. mike from iowa

    Every screw up Drumpf makes, by word or deed is seen by every person in the world and they all ask how America could have elected a dunce like Drumpf.

    Care to answer this one, Old Sarg? Regale us all with Drumpf’s stellar qualifications to lead this nation-which he isn’t doing by a long shot.

    Are you tired of his blaming anybody except himself for his failures and shortcomings?

    How many chances does this buffoon get to trash this nation? Doesn’t it gripe your butt how Drumpf totally ignores the constitution you and he both swore an oath to protect and preserve with no exceptions?

  36. Hey doc, how ya been? You are correct on the uranium and the production. Remember way back when we first broke the plate called Iraq? Yep, the yellow cake and the forged documents were said to come from Niger. All lies and damn lies. That Valarie Plame was sure a looker though, boy to play I spy…sorry, I drift.

    Mr. Pay, here is what we are doing there.
    Everything is about the oil. We drown in it and we cannot breathe because of it and it is draining our treasure and our blood.

  37. mike from iowa

    Dang it, Jerry and Roger. You scared Old Sarg away some more.

  38. As usual, OldSarg gave up on trying to respond to the facts and argument of the original post and instead tried to divert everyone to a personal insult contest.

    Trump lacks the empathy necessary to be a decent human being, not to mention an effective commander in chief. Kelly’s own words (“tried” “the best way he could”), not to mention that Trump is more worried about defending himself than consoling the widow and then letting her grieve in peace, support that conclusion.

  39. Darin Larson

    This whole controversy traces itself back to Trump’s narcissism. Trump is incapable of admitting that he said or did anything wrong. If Trump had simply apologized for the remarks, Kelly could have explained and put them in context and it would have faded away.

    Instead, Trump’s narcissism and flawed character caused him to “yell liar” at the Congresswoman from Florida. Then, Kelly confirmed that Trump did say it, thus proving that Trump was a huge liar once again.

    Kelly could have done a good job of explaining the context of Trump’s remark. Trump was the wrong messenger to be conveying the remark, but at least Kelly could explain how Trump went down this road. But then Kelly compounded the error by attacking the Congresswoman as if she was out of line and making false statements about her. This was beneath the dignity of a decorated Marine general and sullies his reputation.

    Trump continues his twitter storm rants. Any person of sound mind would not pick a fight with a gold star widow, but we have been down this road with Trump before. Sad!

  40. The evidence is showing my comment about the general, above, was in err.

  41. So, it’s my fault boy genius Roger attacked me and I defended myself? This appears the be the same issue you all have with Trump. Maybe it’s the same issue most of you have with the world. . . You get to bully others but if someone stands up to the bully that is wrong because: “Its not your fault! You were just repeating what you read in a headline! Everyone knows already! Cory said it first! It’s all Trumps fault!

    Freaking Shrill Witches. . . This is why most of you have never succeeded join life. Seriously, you are all old fat and divorced, remarried and divorced again. Your kids think you’re grumping, mean and you have very few friends. You are all just small minded bullies. What’s worse, you are cowardly bullies and your excuse has always been “its not me it was him/her/white man/ the government/republicans/conservatives everyone but yourselves. Shrill witches.

  42. The last paragraph describes most of Middle Age America. Do we all get a bit jaded when we grow older? Probably. Come on, Sarg. We’re good people on here, and really what do you expect? This is a liberal (god forbid) blog here. If you’re lookin’ for us to support Trump you can head on over to the Pat Powers place. You’re not goin’ to be gettin’ any Trump. support here.
    I reckon most anyone is going to be jaded when the party you support has been losin’ for 40 plus years in the state.

  43. mike from iowa

    Now, in typical wingnut fashion, OldSgtPepper is claiming he’s the victim here. Some things (winguts) never change.

  44. jimmy james

    I was a Republican until Donald Trump came along. Unfortunately, the vast majority of conservatives refuse to acknowledge his racist leanings.

    There was the Obama birtherism. (Remember, he had all that proof.)

    Calling out a judge because he was “Mexican”.

    Finding “very fine people” in a white nationalist demonstration.

    Constant attacks on immigrants.


    Some right-wing voters love it. More than a few.

    As for the rest of them, he is giving them what they want. Conservative Supreme Court appointments, attacks on Obamacare and tax cuts. So… they look the other way.

    It really scares me that so many folks have willingly surrendered to this man so quickly. How bad would it be if he were well informed, disciplined and a great orator?

  45. [Still way off topic, OldSarg, painting every commenter here as something he or she is not with your personal ugly fantasies to dehumanize your perceived opponents and justify your speaking rudely and falsely… oh, and also misogynistically, as you enjoy painting your male interlocutors as “shrill witches”, an attempt to use feminine identity as an insult.]

    OldSarg is actually on topic by demonstrating Trump’s behavior. In dealing with a much grander topic of Presidential competence, empathy, and respect for Gold Star families, OldSarg leaps at the slightest challenge to his authority as cause to launch into baseless lies about the people challenging him. OldSarg changes the topic from uncomfortable facts (I was going to say irrefutable, but one could try to offer rational analysis and evidence to the contrary to demonstrate that we’re mistaken in our assessment of Kelly’s words and Trump’s approach to this aspect of his job) to a barroom-brawl-like exchange of words on topics that he finds easier and more personally satisfying. That’s Trump self-obsession at work.

  46. Kelly was dirty before he rolled in the muck with the lying liar. Unfit to honestly lead and unfit to honestly heed. Once a liar, always a liar that keeps same company. It makes more and more sense why Kelly lied about the congresswoman, he cannot help himself.

  47. trump and his republicans are just not into the military sacrifices. No one has ever been so disloyal to the treatment of wounded and killed in action in the history of our republic. trump lies, his chief of staff lies, what a disgrace.
    Playing politics with killed in action soldiers to keep the story away from his russian involvement in the coup.

  48. Darin Larson

    Oldsarge says:
    “Seriously, you are all old fat and divorced, remarried and divorced again. Your kids think you’re grumping, mean and you have very few friends. You are all just small minded bullies. What’s worse, you are cowardly bullies and your excuse has always been “its not me it was him/her/white man/the government/republicans/ conservatives everyone but yourselves. Shrill witches.”

    OldSarge, you are projecting again. Your description of old fat and twice divorced fits Trump to a T. Likewise, you seem to be describing Trump when you talk about “cowardly bullies” and the excuses that Trump always has for why every one of his innumerable failures are not his fault. Replace white man with Mexican or Mexican judge or Muslim and it fits Trump’s methods once again of demonizing others to distract from his own inadequacies. It is incredibly ironic that you use derogatory descriptions of people critical of Trump, while overlooking the fact that these same criticisms perfectly describe Trump and his methods.

    But keep up the good work, OldSarge. You provide rare insight into the Trump mindset. I continually wonder how otherwise rational people can support Trump and his policies.

  49. bearcreekbat

    Great observation Darin. OldSarg’s projections and outbursts are particularly fascinating when you consider some of his earlier admonitions:

    As for the rest of you, think about your humanity and what you are doing here. . . .

    This conversation should not be about trashing someone . . .

    Read you own posts folks.

    I wonder if OldSarg reads his own posts expressing anger and hatred toward other people on this blog.

  50. mike from iowa

    What if some of us are old,fat, divorced and our kids think we’re grumpinG? OMFG! OldSarg is a clairvoyant genius and probably was banned from Vegas casinos!

  51. I’m in Vermillion now. Going to eat dinner at Red’s tonight. Come join me!

  52. mike from iowa

    Some vets have labeled Gen Kelly a ‘Blue Falcon.’ I had to look it up and it is not a nice moniker for anywqay to weasr.

  53. mike from iowa

    not a nice moniker for anyone to wear.

    Keyboard is so mad and frustrated with wingnuts and politics I can hardly constrain it.

  54. Roger Cornelius

    Red’s, sounds like a damn commie place.

  55. Calm down mfi, you made a good find and a very true one regarding Kelly. That dude did not suddenly awake to that, he has always been.

  56. “Tear the Nation Down!” that is what you all need to declare as your new theme! It doesn’t mater the topic, subject of institution. Just “Tear the nation Down!”. You guys will be famous forever. It will make your name in history. I can just see it now:

    WASHINGTON: Liberal posts from leftist South Dakota geniuses whined about Trump between themselves to the point that the world fell. The great minds, being pro-killing babies, open borders, anti-government (except for health care) brought the Nation to its knees over turning the great minds of the past, the Constitution and eliminated free thought in a concerted effort to further their “vision” of the world.

    You have all become nothing more than a “joke”.

  57. Dude, don’t choke on your spittle at Red’s. They will have to do the hinny lick maneuver on ya.

  58. Roger Cornelius

    Here is simple reality check for OldSarg:
    Trump arbitrarily bans Chad with travel ban.
    Chad withdraws troops fighting ISIS from Niger.
    ISIS promptly returns to Niger when Chad leaves.
    Four Green Beret die as a direct result.
    Trump redirects the story to insulting a black congresswoman and black Gold Star Wife.
    General Kelly lies about Congresswoman Wilson and is quickly busted for it.
    Next weeks Trump distraction will the release of the Kennedy assassination file.

  59. trump is over- nighting condolence letters to bereaved families. Dude is sick. Lock him up. Lock trump up.

    The ones he claimed he sent. Dude is a classic lying liar that will go to any length to cover his poo kind of like a sick cat with the runs.

  60. I’m back.

    It was a very nice dinner followed by drinks at Cary’s. Spent my time training future attorneys how to deal with leftist. Long Island Teas followed with cheers of tearing apart the left.

  61. “Tear the Nation Down!”-sarge, carey’s snowflakes are all you can handle? 8 years of obstruction qualifies as “Tear the Nation Down!”

    don’t know why bother with this troll and his troll president

  62. mike from iowa

    “We are witnesses to the most ruthless attack on a president & the people who voted for him…in American history.” -@DLoesch #NRA

    Short wieners, even shorter memories. I am aware this cretin claims to be female.

  63. 20 lies in 4 minutes by Kelly.

    Damn man, that fraud is getting good at this. While trump golfs, Kelly works on his own game of lies.

  64. mike from iowa

    It was a very nice dinner followed by drinks at Cary’s. Spent my time training future attorneys how to deal with leftist. Long Island Teas followed with cheers of tearing apart the left.

    Good one, OldPaint. Just don’t come back here and whine about being bullied. The ‘I’m the victim, BS’ ain’t gonna fly.

  65. mike from iowa

    How do you train people to do what you are incapable of doing?

  66. Roger Cornelius

    When the body of Sgt. LaDavid Johnson was returned to Andrews Air Force Base, Trump was golfing.
    When Sgt. LaDavid Johnson funeral was held yesterday, Trump was golfing.
    The question is, when isn’t Trump golfing?

  67. Roger Cornelius

    OldSarg and the NRA say that they are “witness to the most ruthless attack on a president & the people that voted for him… in American history”. Another wingnut lie.
    Historians say that the relentless and ruthless lies perpetuated against President Obama over 8 years are the worst in history.

  68. Robert McTaggart


    With regard to oil, we should at least want to avoid paying others to harm us via any oil-derived income.

    Advanced batteries may still need carbon for structure and for its beneficial electrochemistry to play a greater role in transportation. But let’s get it from biomass or the capture of excess carbon instead of the petrochemical supply chain.

  69. Bob Newland

    Is inability of the president of the United States to be able to connect to even one other human being grounds for impeachment?

    Perhaps, indirectly, it will be.

  70. Doc, true that. The reason for Niger in particular is for the oil. More quick charging stations or quick replacement cells. More money for public education to start the process of mind set to accomplish. Forget about the wars that destroy and are more corruption like the war on drugs, declare a war for education and mean it.

  71. Robert McTaggart

    It may be more efficient to swap a battery for a pre-charged battery, or swap the electrolyte during a trip to the “fuel station”, than worry about quick charging with AC.

    Let the station worry about the health of the battery, how to charge them, and when to exchange/recycle the batteries.

    In any event, the method of charging must be easy to access and easy to do. But it is not going to be easy to pay for.

  72. Whatever the case may be, we are some distance from solving that dilemma. In the meantime, Niger needs to be explained in detail. We not only lost 4 of our finest, we lost an important part of the region, a stinging defeat . trump needs to come clean on why Chad was lost as military support. That is the issue, if we are going to keep the patch on while we await renewable storage, then we must have the answers on why the lying.

  73. Kelly is the filth that is destroying democracy. His latest: Human, my arse.

    “On Monday, as the Department of Homeland Security prepared to extend the residency permits of tens of thousands of Honduran immigrants living in the United States, White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly called Acting Secretary Elaine Duke to pressure her to expel them, according to current and former administration officials.

    Duke refused to reverse her decision and was angered by what she felt was a politically driven intrusion by Kelly and Tom Bossert, the White House homeland security adviser, who also called her about the matter, according to officials with knowledge of Monday’s events, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.” Washington Post

    Duke is resigning because of this. People that have actual honor are leaving this cesspool of oligarchs to better pastures. We shall miss their integrity.

  74. Is it better to resign or stay and fight?

  75. Good question. We know that if you stay and fight, the right wing will diminish you and your family, so what is the point then? Americans are not to the point..yet..that they will stay and fight. It is coming though, that day is coming.

  76. trump himself has been told to shut the hell up by China. Dude is remarkably quiet, a welcome indeed. No other time since Nixon, has a president been put in the corner and told to just hold their pee until recess. Even Syria has pushed us into the lonely spot of being the only pariah in the world regarding science. Hey, I know, lets go eat some sugar and forget about it.