SFPD Files No Charges in Washington HS Shoot-Em-Up Scare; Will Jackley Go Jaber on Kid?

So a Washington High School student told a friend he was going to shoot up the school, and Sioux Falls police say no charges are warranted:

Police say on Friday afternoon, a 15-year-old student told a 14-year-old friend that he was going to shoot up the school on Monday.

[SFPD’s Sam] Clemens said, “We identified everyone that was involved, sounds like it was a couple of guys that were talking. That’s really how it started.”

Police say students overheard the conversation and reported it to authorities. Because there was no specific threat and no real intent, police say they decided not to charge the teen [Jill Johnson, “‘See Something, Say Something’: Superintendent’s Message Following Threat at WHS,” KDLT, 2017.05.22].

A.G. Marty Jackley, SFPD Sam Clemens
Let me explain this, Sam: It’s “See Something, Say Something, Charge Someone!

Sioux Falls resident Ehab Jaber committed even less of an infraction last month, continuing his long habit of exercising his First and Second Amendment rights. He didn’t threaten to shoot anyone; he simply displayed his personal arsenal to mock the terror his quaking Christian neighbors feel about Muslims citizens like him in their midst. Officer Clemens, bless his consistency, said Jaber posed no threat and broke no laws. But Attorney General Marty Jackley charged Jaber with making a terrorist threat.

Huh—kid must not have been Muslim.

On free speech and perceived threats, SFPD appears to have its head on straight. Unless we see charges in the coming days against our shoot-em-up 15-year-old, A.G. Jackley appears to have a double standard.

Tangentially Related: I check the voter rolls and find that Ehab Jaber is a registered Republican. So back the truck up and give Marty credit for taking one of his own to court.