Muslims Aren’t at War with Our Civilization

They’re Subsidizing Our Civilization by Buying Our Weapons!

Last month, Act for America leader Amy Willson told Aberdeen listeners that Islam commands all Muslims to use migration and politics to take over the world and destroy us infidels. Then Clare Lopez told Aberdeen listeners about her favorite conspiracy theory, the “civilization jihad” she alleges Mulsims in general are waging against the West. Usama Dakdok has been slinking around South Dakota similarly accusing all Muslims of waging war against our civilization. William Federer told Rapid City listeners earlier this month that Islam is a religious, political, and military ideology that is out to “immigrate, increase, and eliminate” our civilization.

But this weekend, Donald Trump went to Saudi Arabia, bowed to Muslim royalty,  sold them $350 billion in American weapons, and delivered “a message of friendship and hope and love” in which he said there is no war of civilizations:

Donald Trump bows to Saudi king, gets gold necklace, 2017.05.20.
Donald Trump’s gold-medal bow to Saudi King Salman, 2017.05.20.

This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations. This is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life, and decent people of all religions who seek to protect it [Donald Trump, speech to leaders of 50+ Muslim countries, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as transcribed by CNN, 2017.05.21].

Trump also sat with his hands clasped in his lap during a Muslim invocation and offered no rebuttal to King Salman of Saudi Arabia, who introduced Trump’s address to the summit by saying (through a translator) that terrorists (fueled largely by Iranian/Khomeinist extremists) have tried to “exploit Islam as a cover for political purposes”:

Islam and will always be the religion of mercy, tolerance, and coexistence as confirmed by brilliant precedents. In its prosperous times, Islam provided the best examples of coexistence and harmony among followers of religions and cultures. However, we see today that some presumed Muslims seek to present a distorted picture of religion, a picture that seeks to conflate this rich religion with violence. We say to our Muslim brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters everywhere, that one of the most important goals of Islamic sharia is protecting life, and there is no honor in committing murder. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance that urges its followers to develop Earth and forbids them from corrupting it. It considers killing an innocent soul tantamount to killing all of humanity. Our way to achieve the goals of our religion and win everlasting life in heaven is to promote the tolerant values of Islam which are based on peace, moderation, and refraining from destroying and corrupting Earth [King Salman, address to Muslim summit, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2017.05.21].

There you go, straight from the President and his new pal the King: there is no war of civilizations. Islam is a religion of peace. And we trust and love our Muslim brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia so much that the President is going to make sure that they “get a good deal from our great American defense companies.”

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  1. bearcreekbat

    It will be interesting to see how Trump’s base will react, and, given his countless public statements condemning Islam, how the larger Muslim world will react. Apparently he did not use his standard catch phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” even once in the comments nor ad lib.

  2. mike from iowa

    Did not Drumpf condone Saudi mass bombings in Yemen by his arms sales? Does he believe using US made weapons exonerates Saudis from moral condemnation?

    Pretty soon it is on to G-7 where members have been instructed to compliment the four year old on his yooge electoral victory.

  3. Porter Lansing

    Wadda ‘ya think, Happy CampSite? Is it okay if they come in if we sterilize ’em first?

  4. Porter Lansing

    BTW, Mr. President. You don’t get to keep that shiny bobble, even though it does hold your attention when few things do. It goes directly and immediately to the National Archives, sir.

  5. Ivanka got 100 million for the deal as well! What winners! Who will be the loo ooo osers? Why that would be our neighbors that will loose 800 billion in Medicaid. If they loose 800 billion in Medicaid, that means that healthcare itself looses that money for doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, the disabled children you know, the kinds of things that save and enrich all of our lives, rich or poor. Ah yes, all is well here in America, just ask the rich.

  6. Mr. Lansing, stop being absurd. This isn’t Colorado. We don’t forcibly sterilize people because if they have kids then those kinds are South Dakotans and would grow up surrounded by loving, family value-oriented, common sense kids who don’t have parents who toke up at public restaurants.

    We should cut off the parent’s trigger fingers, but leave their ugly parts alone for procreation.

  7. Roger Cornelius

    Who is this guy impersonating Trump in Saudia Arabia?
    His comments have completely sold out his base and reaped billons of dollars for his buddy’s and himself in defense contracts.
    Is it possible that the Saudis are planning to finance another attack on America?
    It is difficult to reconcile how this arms deals puts Americans first.

  8. mike from iowa

    Israel isn’t none too happy with the arms sales to Saudi Arabia. OTOH if it makes Israel unhappy it can’t be all bad. Israel is not really our friend-imho. They are more than happy to accept 3 plus billion in foreign aid but their foreign policy isn’t attuned to ours for the most part. And Israel is a major human rights violator, but them most everyone else is, too.

  9. He doesn’t seem to realize that Islam is a proselytizing religion — like being an evangelical or a mormon or a baptist or jehovah witness or so – – that requires encouraging conversion.
    Then of course there’s Sunni and Shia — sort of like Baptists and Catholics – – that disagree on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin — (see roman c and e. orthodox) …….
    I guess the solution is that the next time a jehovah witness or a mormon on a bicycle rings your doorbell, you call homeland security, eh ?
    All this crap revolves around power over others …… sort of like trumpism, eh ?
    egad !!!

  10. Don Coyote

    @cah: “… bowed to Muslim royalty…”

    LOL. I suppose they could have had King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud stand on a pile of phone books to reach the head taller President Trump as he bestowed the King Abdulaziz medal upon him.

  11. Darin Larson

    Coyote says “I suppose they could have had King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud stand on a pile of phone books to reach the head taller President Trump as he bestowed the King Abdulaziz medal upon him.”

    Or, Or, Or maybe, the King could have reached up using his arms, extending them above Trump’s head while Trump remained upright. Just a theory.

  12. Don Coyote

    Or, or, or maybe the robes worn by the king restricted his arm movement.

    Or, or, or if the cheap Saudis had only used a clasp the awarding of this medal would be made easier in putting it on the recipient (Obama included)

    Even the shrimpster Bush ’43 (6′ 0″) had to “bow” because the king was too short and had stubby arms. ;-)

  13. You are supposed to bow to receive the gift. Presidents have been doing that for all the visits to other dignitaries. This is the first time I have seen a curtsy though, the white russian looked like an overweight ballerina without a tutu. bwahahahwahahaha

  14. Oh, Coyote, it’s not my job to script and block Presidential/royal ceremonies. I’m just pointing out the slew of memes that Trump slew in Saudi Arabia.

  15. Maybe trump was just shamed from all the vile talk he and his bro’s have made about Muslims and needed to curtsy to show his feminist side to get the gold from a…well a Muslim king no doubt. I liked it when he and the other fellers put their hands on the glowing orb though. Ladies and trumper koo-laid drinkers, be advised, that was the pure acceptance of Sharia Law, in the eyes of the platinum blonde, oy.

  16. The manner in which President Trump collected his bauble was much the same as the manner in which prior Presidents collected their bauble. The only difference is the fuss made by Republicans when President Obama bent his waist to whichever short guy with stubby arms was in control of the empire of Saud at the time.

    Democrat behaves according to protocol – the Republican monkeys jump around pointing and yelling “ooh ooh ooh.” Republican behaves according to protocol – the Republican monkeys cover their ears, their eyes, and their mouths.

  17. True that Mr. Rorschach, check this out from tutu man child Melanie is tired of his sorry arse as much as the rest of us are and slaps his _______ grabbing little hand away. The curtsy was to much of an embarrassment for her, she knows putin would not do that.

  18. mike from iowa

    Or Ivanka could have done it while Gropenfuhrer Drumpf felt her up.

  19. Porter Lansing

    C’mon, MFI … that’s too funny. “Gropenfuhrer” I haven’t even finished my coffee yet. Gonna be a great day, now. :0)

  20. The hardcore Trump loyalists are tearing up over his speech in which part of it was praising Muslims. Wrong when Obama praised Muslims, but okay when Trump does it.

  21. Mohamed A Sharif

    whatever Trump said in Saudi stays at Saudi !!!! for many years we are telling people to rise up, wise up, and embrace other humans as brothers, and sisters .No fear mongering, no hate speeches anywhere in SD.
    only through education and interacting with people who may look different than us , by accepting them, and celebrate our differences and respect one another we achieve peace not through WEAPON deals!
    SALAAM Peace

  22. Indeed Mr. Sharif, in the house of Saud, if you protest or rise up, you will soon find yourself very dead in a violent way

  23. mike from iowa

    I’m just pointing out the slew of memes that Trump slew in Saudi Arabia

    Drumpf took much of the swamp to Saudi Arabia and it is ever so dry there so the swamp is now a slough to be slain.

    Grope toy Ivanka got 100 million bucks from the Saudis for her foundation. HRC received money for the Clinton Foundation and Drumpfy dearest had a conniption. Michelle Obama no wear scarf-bad. Melanoma no wear scarf-meh. Double standard much,Drumpf?

  24. Porter Lansing

    Hear, hear Mr. Mohamed A Sharif ~ SALAAM

  25. MIke, let’s not exaggerate Ivanka’s involvement or benevolence. The Saudis are giving money to a women’s entrepreneurial fund run by the World Bank. Ivanka and German Chancellor Merkel proposed the fund. Ivanka does not manage the fund.

  26. mike from iowa

    Sorry, Master, but she is her grope daddy’s daughter.

    I’d apologize but I don’t wanna get pukey sick over this.

  27. happy camper

    Greed, deal making, religious fanaticism. Nice combination. An accurate description of the dynamics is much more than a Kindergarten explanation nice Muslims real Muslims, mean Muslims not real Muslims.

    In a strange twist Blackstone Group (BX), founded and headed by Stephen A. Schwarzman (very wealthy Jew) is a major benefactor from the deal. This while Saudia Arabia works hard to spread Wahhabism, their fundamentalist version of Islam, and a fanatic blew up some little girls. He’s not a real Muslim though.

    So you can stick to a political position on Islam that benefits nobody, or actually try to understand and explain whats going on. Flemming Rose who published the cartoons has the sort of perpective I would expect from those on this blog who proclaimed themselves to be Charlie not that long ago, even Porter Lansing, but how soon they forget.

  28. Porter Lansing

    You’re a half educated haybilly pig, HC. These people aren’t even buried yet and you’re trying to politicize their murders. Go away and smell yourself.

  29. happy camper

    Thanks for your measured response Porter, but since Cory refuses to acknowledge Islamic Terrorism until it happens in South Dakota, it’s necessary to bring it up these horrors as they occur, and try to understand how they relate to other things.

    Saudia Arabia has made a huge deal with Trump, including the Jewish head of his advisory committee: “Billionaire investor Steve Schwarzman’s newfound status as a trusted outside adviser for President Donald Trump has created blurred lines in which the Blackstone CEO is offering guidance on policies that could boost the fortunes of his company and his personal wealth.”

    Don’t believe me, even “Real Jews” don’t know what to make of it. The Jewish alliance with Saudia Arabia is strange. Iran is being painted as the new enemy to unite against.

  30. happy camper

    You really have to watch the video (the realjewnews link) and see Trump having a sword dance with the Saudis, at 2:18, but watch the whole thing, and then explain what the heck is going on. He’s making a deal with wonderful Saudia Arabia, respecter of human rights. Give me a break.

  31. What’s your point, Hap? Some Muslims have committed terrorist acts around the world. What do you want us to do: purge Muslims from South Dakota? From North America? From the world?

    The real point here is that Donald Trump just disavowed the idea of “civilization jihad” that his base has been peddling. We can’t rely on Trump to stick to any words he says, but these particular words happen to be right, and we should hold Trump and his supporters to them. There is no war of civilizations. There are only criminals and psychotics, committing criminal and psychotic acts. We must prevent and punish such acts without surrendering our basic values, our Constitution, and our standing in the world as a decent, moral, reliable superpower.

  32. happy camper

    Oh, but how wrong you are. Watching Donald Trump dance with swords is absolutely absurd. It is personal and internal as that extreme ideology affects each avowed member. Our two cultures, the liberal west and fundamentalist Islam are not compatible.

  33. happy camper

    Coincidentally, a Muslim woman, dressed in hajab, was just out playing with her son outside my front window. It was a strange sight because our streets were wet and the sun finally appeared. They were enjoying this moment. I don’t condemn them, but they do not yet appreciate the liberty we have to offer in our country, where women are equal. Where we believe in equality as the goal.

  34. Porter Lansing

    Happy Camper is a proven liar. He posts “fake news” from fake news sites and has been caught several times trying to mislead, misdirect and falsely construe facts to bolster his bigoted, hateful opinion of Islam and Muslim people. DON’T BELIEVE A WORD HE POSTS!!
    Here’s the latest …. HC, when you say “Don’t believe me …” It’s the only honest thing you’ve said in years.
    ~ Real Jew News (RJN) is an anti Semitic site run by Nathanael Kapner. RJN is not a news site, and consists entirely of the writings of Mr. Kapner. The writings purport to expose the worldwide Zionist conspiracy. They are heavily prejudicial, are not factual, and contain little more than conjecture. Due to the lack of factual content, and the heavily biased nature of the writings, RJN is rated Conspiracy-Pseudoscience.

  35. So, Hap, to be clear, you say civilization jihad exists. You say our liberal Western culture is at war with the culture of fundamentalist Islam. (Pay close attention, readers, as I slip off my wienie liberal garb and assume whatever dark cloak Hap wears….)

    Who is in the culture of fundamentalist Islam? How many members are there? Do they include Muslim immigrants in South Dakota? What is our proper response to these warriors?

  36. happy camper

    Yes Cory, I just love to wear black my favorite color. No, I didn’t say civilization jihad exists. I said fundamentalist Islam is not compatible with western values. Things are on a continuum, at some point reasonable people agree things are not liberal.

  37. happy camper

    Cory, is it liberal to cut off a little girls vagina? Or blow her up when she attends a concert?

  38. happy camper

    Just trying to wrap my head around liberal, but does that mean we don’t kill other people?

  39. Porter Lansing

    I won’t speak directly to this scumbag but I will address any newcomers to the blog. This one who calls himself HappyCamper has a tactic he uses, often. This is the second time in two weeks I’ve busted his chops for it. He posts fake news and when confronted about it he claims he’s only showing what not to do or what not to believe, knowing full well a portion of readers only scan headlines and sentences and believe his lies. DON’T BELIEVE A THING HE POSTS!! When you’ve been caught lying this many times, the grace period is long gone.

  40. Mr. camper, there is something very physiologically wrong with your blogging at 20:08. I don’t think you mean what you think you mean.

  41. happy camper

    Can we agree it’s wrong to blow up little girls? What’s causing it?

  42. owen reitzel

    Can we agree that’s it’s wrong to starve little girls (Or little boys)? What’s causing it?

  43. happy camper

    Grutz, self-described Liberals refuse to say elements of Islam are completely illiberal.

  44. happy camper

    Starvation is wrong, but this post was about Islam.

  45. owen reitzel

    maybe but Trump’s cutting Food Stamps does the same thing for kids-death.

    You say starvation is wrong, but that’s what Trump wants to do.

  46. Mr. camper, I’m not debating the illiberalness of it all, I’m simply pointing out I think your anatomy might be incorrect.

  47. happy camper

    No Owen, don’t change topics. Related to Islam, there is a pretty large element that does not believe in equal rights and creates terror.

    Female Genital Mutilation is rooted in inequality. I don’t even want to think about the specifics.

  48. happy camper

    When an older guy like Grutz, a self-described Republican is more truly liberal than the rest of you, then you know something has gone wrong with liberal thinking and the labels themselves. Maybe they (myself included) were just dumb along. Liberals are the new fascists nothing to be proud of there. I think a lot of you have just lost your curiosity to really understand what’s going on in the world.

  49. Turns out, Muslims are only at war with neo nazi’s Who would’ve thunk it. Seems they want to join with one another like peas and carrots. No wonder trump is being all cordial now to the Muslim community, strange days

  50. No, Owen isn’t changing the topic. He’s offering useful context.

    Trump says there is no war of civilization, only a few angry “losers”. Trump is not capable of logical reasoning, but if we could do a Star Trek transporter split à la “The Enemy Within” (although this time, we’d split Trump to access The Decent Human Being Within who is currently submerged in the wrathful tyrant who dominates) and chat with his logical core, we could even get Trump to agree that casting a few suicidal misfits as “warriors against civilization” unduly aggrandizes their pitiful murderousness.

    Yes, bombing children at a concert is utterly wicked and cowardly. But these non-warriors, these losers, do not pose as much danger to civilization as Donald Trump does with his wanton, thoughtless unraveling of social institutions, his jeopardization of national security, his willful and self-absorbed stupidity, and his complete inability to do his job. Sure, ISIS and ISIS wannabes will kill some people. Donald Trump could literally kill billions.

  51. mike from iowa

    HC-some of us Libs are tired of being told we need to listen to people like you- a regular dog in the manger about life in general.

    It is people like you that vote for morons like Drumpf and then blame Libs when the guy they voted for turns out to be the devil incarnate.

    42% of the the fools that voted for Drumpf depend on Medicaid. Lord knows how many get food stamps. They lose their child tax credit and they ain’t getting their coal mining jobs back. But, but HRC had emails.

    It is past time you and yours kept yer yaps closed and listen to reason and maybe YOU will learn something!

  52. It is always good to hear a gay guy? speak of liberals as fascists. Shows how far into the looking glass happy is wallowing in. “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” George Bernard Shaw Words of wisdom from an old guy like Mr. Shaw

  53. happy camper

    Equality is the only thing that matters. But you have to put your theories of Multiculturism first and be blind that some cultures are just not liberal, like those of Fundamentalist Islam. The left diverts from the issue of Islamic Terrorism cause it’s a piece that doesn’t fit their childish view of the world.

    You’ve lost support of the majority, especially in this state you have NO POLITICAL POWER. Don’t blame the messenger. Your far left views are pushing Blue Collar Democrats away. I didn’t vote for Trump or any Republican ever for high office, but I’m not gonna stick my head in the sand. A friend stopped yesterday who voted Democrat all his life, including Obama, but voted for Trump mainly because of the issue of Radical Islam, Syria, terrorism, and didn’t see Democrats willing to talk truthfully and Trump’s loud mouth became appealing.

    Yes, Jerry, the radical new left are condoning violence. We don’t see that behavior here, but it’s happening. Obviously they aren’t real liberals, like Islamic Terrorists are not Peace Loving Muslims. Don’t let words get in the way.

    From the link:

    Antifa (short for anti-fascism), the broad term for the new militant left, includes socialists, anarchists and anti-capitalists united by their street-fighting tactics and zeal for violence. BBC News compares them to white nationalists, but says antifa’s “tactics are arguably more extreme.” On online community Reddit, a headline on the Antifa section reads, “Every dead Republican is a step toward progress.”
    One common antifa tactic, black bloc, involves launching mob violence against people and property while dressed in black hoodies and ski masks. Their all-black uniforms serve a dual purpose: to intimidate their victims and hide their identities. The battle plan was executed flawlessly at the recent riots at UC Berkeley.

  54. Washington times, very reliable source. While the religious right is now recruiting ISIS as their co conspirators. The recent event in Tampa, Florida shows the collusion between the two. We have met the enemy and they are usins.

  55. Meanwhile, here are the German people waiting to see a real American leader, President Obama. trump is an embarrassment to the planet.

  56. happy camper

    I don’t know what to say Jerry, do you have any faith in Tim Pool? He has been following the ANTIFA and free speech conflicts and says ANTIFA is doing violent acts, like throwing M80s in the crowd. They are out for him. He did a long interview with Dave Rubin the main stream media isn’t reporting.

    It’s not easy to make sense of it all, but I do not accept that cultural relativism is more important than the simple goal of equality, probably my basic disagreement here. It’s not entirely black and white, maybe some allowances should be made, or then again maybe equality should just be an absolute without any slippery slope or excuses.

    CHAOS IN BERKELEY ANTIFA V. FREE SPEECH RALLY (about 8 minutes, the M80 one second in)

    Rubin interview (1 1/2 hours):

  57. Tim Pool sounds like he is paranoid, maybe he should spend more time with his family if that is the case. Why do you think the main stream media is not reporting that? The sense of it all is that we are being taken for a ride

  58. happy camper

    The main stream media, mostly on the left, is sympathetic, but this Mother Jones article also paints a picture of the violence on both sides:

    From the link: At times, it feels like a war zone, yet the violence becomes ritualized and predictable. Various participants get seriously pummeled and bloodied. People on each side retreat for care from their medics or to debrief with friends and comrades. Away from the fighting, there is an “empathy tent” set up by a small group of people with a sign saying, “Want to talk? We listen.” It is empty.