White House Press Secretary Takes No Press Questions at Press Briefing

Democrats look kinda dumb for keeping the media out of their McGovern Day event with their national vice-chair Keith Ellison. Republicans look really dumb for electing a President who sends his press secretary Sean Spicer to the daily briefing to not take reporters’ questions:

Yes, Dan Lederman, lecture us some more about Republican inclusiveness and openness. And Sean Spicer, do your job!

4 Responses to White House Press Secretary Takes No Press Questions at Press Briefing

  1. owen reitzel

    I’d like to know who’s decision it was to keep the press out. As a proud Democrat who supports transparency this is not what the party needs.

  2. Bad, bad look for SoDak Dems. Makes us look afraid and that we’re trying to hide something. Maybe it is time for a change at the top. Also, nothing surprises me anymore with anything that happens with Trump administration.

  3. Spicey dude has got nothing to say about a tanking economy. Geesh, GM is gonna lay off 4,000 employees, what kind of talking points make that crap sandwich sound any better. ”

    ” On Tuesday, automakers reported the fourth straight monthly retreat in sales of new cars and light trucks, the longest stretch of declines since 2009, when the industry was embroiled in crisis and bankruptcies. The slump underscores the view of many that auto sales have peaked and are set to trend downward. […]

    Moreover, the top six automakers in the American market all reported declines from their April sales a year ago, and in every case the falloff exceeded analysts’ forecasts.” Other big ticket items are on the ropes as well. Wall Street is doing just fine though, gotta keep those billionaires that are in the bannon/trump/putin regime happy.

  4. Owen, we can only assume the decision to keep press out came from the top—either from the SDDP chair or maybe from our guest, Keith Ellison, himself. He refused to talk to the press; maybe he required that the SDDP keep the doors closed as a condition of his attending… at which point I tell our special guest to kiss my butt and find a guest who can get us good donors and good press.