Incomplete: Trump Fills 15% of Senate Confirmable Positions

I alone can fix it,” Donald Trump said of the political system when he accepted the Republican nomination. Apparently, that’s one promise he’s trying to keep:

Donald Trump looking
I’m not sure he’s even looking….

MARK SHIELDS: Thanks to the public partnership, private-public partnership, they keep track of a very interesting number.

And that is the number of Senate-confirmable important positions there are in every administration. There is 554 that the Senate has to confirm that every president appoints. As of this moment, 473 have not been appointed.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Wow [“Shields and Gerson on Georgia Election Pressure, Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Fall,” PBS NewsHour, 2017.04.21].

Remember last month when Trump purged all the remaining Obama-appointed U.S. Attorneys (except for our Randy Seiler)? As of Tuesday, Trump hadn’t appointed replacements for any of these prosecutors.

The free world is too big and too important for any person to lead single-handedly. Three months in, Donald Trump still hasn’t figured that out.

11 Responses to Incomplete: Trump Fills 15% of Senate Confirmable Positions

  1. Porter Lansing

    President Trump HAS figured out that by secreting the visitor logs interludes with his courtesans may go unreported. Problems in the bedroom may just bring his election cheating to a head.
    ~ “Inside the Trump Marriage: Melania’s Burden,” by Evgenia Peretz in May’s Vanity Fair: “Woefully pliant as Melania may be, even she may have a breaking point. Over the course of reporting this story, for which her close friends declined to talk, an uneasy picture has emerged of their marital union. Melania’s unhappiness and the couple’s apparent lack of closeness are becoming more noticeable. Despite assurances from her spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, that Melania is embracing the role of First Lady, most signs point to a distinct lack of interest. And while Grisham says Mrs. Trump plans to move to the White House once their son, Barron, ‘finishes out the school year,’ there have been indications that she is in no particular rush. … Barron, 11, who is by most accounts sweet and well behaved, a testament to Melania’s devotion as a mother. The two sometimes speak to each other in Slovenian, and until recently she consistently did drop-off and pick-up from Columbia Grammar and Preparatory. …

  2. Roger Cornelius

    This far into 45’s administration and he still hasn’t learned how government works.
    His idea of working with congress and the senate is to make unrealistic demands on them about trumpcare and throwing tantrums about money for the wall that Mexico is supposed to pay for.
    We are days away from a possible government shutdown while 45 is off playing golf once again.
    Is 45 having problems with filling all these positions because nobody wants to work for a tyrant?

  3. bearcreekbat

    Roger, on the Trump wall I hear apologist after apologist claim voters voted for the wall, so lets get going. But as you pointed out, Trump claimed that the wall would not cost taxpayers any money because Mexico would pay for it. The simple fact is, however, no one voted that American taxpayers must pay for Trump’s wall.

    I wonder what the support for the wall would have been had Trump said we will need over $15 billion of American tax dollars to build such a wall. That is the question that Trump apologists want you to forget about.

  4. mike from iowa

    No congresscritter from any state where Hatrian’s Wall will be built back the wall. Most say no outright. Some say they are still looking.

    Drumpf thinks he can get Dems to vote funding for the wall for tradeoffs to keep Obamacare going-except the next bill for the ACA wingnuts concocted is another attempt to repeal and replace it.

    Polls show wingnuts are on the hook if Obamacare fails and a majority of voters will hold wingnuts and Drumpf responsible if the government shuts down again. Dems have no Earthly reason to negotiate to get rid of Obama’s signature legislation.

    And Drumpf sucks green wienies.

  5. mike from iowa

    More bad news for Drumpf- (former judge was Drumpf’s campaign chair in Kentucky)

    and ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis claims Drumpf’s budget ain’t no way big enough to rebuild military.

  6. Roger Cornelius

    Exactly bear, if 45 were honest, which is an impossibility, and told republican conservative votes how much the wall would cost, would they have voted for him?
    A good down payment for the wall building would be the cost of golfing trips 45 makes every weekend.

  7. mike from iowa

    Drumpf canned the Surgeon General late Friday and replaced him with an interim acting AG nurse. Apparently the SG ruffled wingnut feathers because he wanted science to test e-cigarettes and that made vaping backers unhappy.

  8. tRump is golding the “wall gun” to his head. Demecrats say: “pull the trigger.”

  9. That vaping, not to mention smoking, would matter that much to anybody boggles my mind.

    SG Murthy also was keen on researching gun violence:

  10. mike from iowa

    What would you like, sir. I’d like eggs and hashbrowns.
    Would you like golfballs with your hashbrowns? No charge for the golfballs. Latest special since the FDA will soon be toothless.

    E-cigs can disfigure your face like cancer, only quicker. I’d say no one has ever had a real cig blow up in their face, but I don’t underestimate the CIA spooks of yore.

  11. 45th cannot solve “it” – with, or without the “help” from congress, even a republicant congress, even with a compliant SCOTUS.
    This analysis from France, and we are more similar than different, begins explaining why 45th can’t solve “it” and neither can the repubs or democants.

    The above article appeared the time as did another by a Senator from NE. Unfortunately its distribution is limited via a paywall. I read it via twitter, so try that.

    Both describe in different ways, the fundamental societal and economic change on par with the industrial revolution, the Progressive Era, etc. Neither party has the tools to understand the change, much less to lead a path through it.