120K South Dakotans Enrolled in Medicaid in March

Donald Trump and his Republican Congress seem hell-bent on cutting Medicaid  and leaving the poor even further behind the rich.

A new report from the Legislative Research Council shows how many South Dakotans are put at risk by Trumpublican politics. In March 2017, the total number of South Dakotans enrolled in Medicaid grew to 120,189. Over the past year, growth in the program has come largely from kids on CHIP:

LRC, "Medical Services Data and Trends," March 2017
LRC, “Medical Services Data and Trends,” March 2017

We can look at the number of enrollees and say, “Holy cow! One in seven South Dakotans are on Medicaid!” it’s important to note that only 50% of kids on CHIP and 60% of all Medicaid enrollees actually used received Medicaid services in March (just like private insurance: a lot of us paid premiums last month but didn’t go to the hospital, thank God, Gaia, good living, or dumb luck):

LRC, "Medical Services Data and Trends," March 2017
LRC, “Medical Services Data and Trends,” March 2017

$446 per child on CHIP and $1328 per other recipient—that’s we spent to keep our low-income neighbors healthy last month.

I don’t mind continuing to spend that much on Medicaid to keep our neighbors on their feet, in school, at work. (although if we can keep kids healthier with good school lunches, education, and responsible parenting, that’s fine with me, too!). Let’s hope that Trump lives up to the same expectations as the SDGOP has had for John Thune and Kristi Noem over the last several years and the unpromising performance record of his first hundred days and turns out to be a do-nothing White House occupant who can’t get his mitts on Medicaid or anything else important.

3 Responses to 120K South Dakotans Enrolled in Medicaid in March

  1. mike from iowa

    Drumpf Dummy is pushing wingnuts hard to pass anything to do with Drumpfcare before the 100 day mark. Wingnuts have an amendment that is supposed to kick more people off coverage. Drumpf does not care who gets hurt as long as it is not his persona. I can’t wait to see wingnuts fail twice on healthcare. They CANNOT govern. They would rather prevent legislation as try to create it. It is easier to say no.

  2. Porter Lansing

    Tear down our Obamacare same thing happens to your wall. Bernie will see to that. Please, just build it from recyclable parts that we can use to construct shelters for hurricane and tornado victims.