Newquist: Trump Vile, Malicious

In his explanation of the difference between 2010’s Tea Party protests and today’s resistance to the dangerous and incompetent White House, Dr. David Newquist neatly summarizes why we should all object to the Presidency of Donald Trump:

Trump PinocchioThe resistance to Trump is also a rejection of a personality, but not a rejection based on race. There is a moral and intellectual imperative behind this rejection. Donald Trump is, plain and simple, a vile human being. He lies constantly. It has become a journalistic custom to list the falsehoods and abusive insults he delivers each day. His reputation as a “business leader” is in fact a record of fraud and failure. He has single-handedly transformed the Grand Old Party into the Grabbers Of Pussy. He refuses to reveal his tax records and other evidence of his conflicts of interest. He serves the one percent by loading his cabinet with the ultra-weathy and corporate managers for the purpose of dismantling those agencies which serve and protect the people. His executive orders are directed at oppressing and inflicting harm on people more than implementing any Constitutional protections….

Everything Trump has done since he took office is an extension of his campaign. And his campaign has been predicated on who he can oppress and hurt. What characterizes him and his supporters is the intensity of their malice and misanthropy. He and his kind expend all their energy in looking for some pretext for hatred. The pretexts are based upon dishonesty. The Trump world lives in a world fabricated out of malice [David Newquist, “This Ain’t No Tea Baggin’ Party, Mama,” Northern Valley Beacon, 2017.02.26].

This vile, malicious, misinforming and uninformed creature speaks to Congress tonight at 8 p.m. Central, 7 p.m. Mountain.

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8 Responses to Newquist: Trump Vile, Malicious

  1. Darin Larson

    Well said, Mr. Newquist! Well said!

  2. barry freed

    Many, if not all, of Mr. Newquist’s criticisms can be applied to any President of recent memory.

    My rejection is based not on Presidential personality disorders, but on Russian and Republican hacking of Voter Rolls and Polling Machines.

    If Democrat Leadership had nothing to hide, they would be vocal about it, but they hacked too; successfully against Bernie, not so much against Trump, so they must remain quiet.

  3. Mr Freed — it’s “Democratic Party leadership.”

  4. False equivalency again, Barry. Specifically to the most recent Administration…

    1. Barack Obama was not a vile human being.
    2. Barack Obama did not issue falsehoods and abusive insults every day.
    3. Barack Obama did not brag about grabbing female genitalia.
    4. Barack Obama did not stack his Cabinet with billionaires intent on dismantling federal agencies to help de-regulated corporate barons run roughshod over the disempowered proletariat.
    5. Barack Obama was not characterized by misanthropy or malice.

    We do not get to shrug at Trump as any “same old same old.” Trump is a uniquely bad President, doing uniquely bad things to our country.

  5. Darin Larson

    Barry Freed says “Many, if not all, of Mr. Newquist’s criticisms can be applied to any President of recent memory.”

    Yes, if you combined all of the criticisms of all the Presidents back to Nixon, your statement might be true. However, there is not one other single President in modern times that can compare to Trump’s toxic cornucopia of personality disorders, xenophobia, and misogyny. Throw in his fascist and authoritarian tendencies and you have the one president who embodies the worst of societies’ ills all wrapped up in one orange-toned, fake package.

  6. barry freed

    Trump will either wake us up to the fact that we can no longer stand back and watch politicians feeding with friends and family at the trough, or he will fiddle while America burns. I have faith in most Americans, here’s hoping we get past our petty prejudices and quit judging each other.

    With a lifetime to practice his con game, he is very skilled at projecting blame on others. Note how a person with normal psychological tendencies might admit that they were not completely prepared for what is a gigantic issue. That’s not so hard, not so embarrassing with the “completely” stuck in there, but it appears impossible for the Sociopath in Chief.
    Instead of saying I didn’t know, like the majority of Americans, he slips in his standard: NOBODY knew. The premise is: If nobody knew, how can he be expected to have known?

    This is a chink in his armor; The fact that he can’t admit ANY fault or failure, no matter how large or small. The Press should hammer him when he makes these outlandish pronouncements. They should give him examples of people he sees as lesser than him, or people who have beat him in a deal or lawsuit, all noting how complicated is the issue. Find and present a grade schooler who’s writing assignment was on that very subject. “Mr. President, x, y, and z all spoke of how complicated it is, even this 10 year old child knows it is complicated, how is it you didn’t?”

  7. Peter Carrels

    It is common to accuse Trump of being dishonest. I disagree. Dishonesty presumes knowledge of the truth. I submit that Trump does not care about truth or facts or accuracy. When he speaks it is like listening to televised, corporate ad-speak. He simply issues slogans and hollow, shallow phrases. There is never any depth or thoughtfulness. He sounds like a McDonalds commercial: “We do it all for you.” Or Coca Cola’s “It’s the real thing.” Corporate tv ad-speak is his language; it is a bedrock and foundational component of who he is.