Corps Won’t Forcibly Evict #NoDAPL Camp; Veterans Deploy to Support Standing Rock Sunday

The Army Corps of Engineers told the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe that they must move their protest camp south of the Cannonball River by December 5, but the Corps doesn’t plan to force the Dakota Access protestors to move:

The Army Corps of Engineers is seeking a peaceful and orderly transition to a safer location, and has no plans for forcible removal. But those who choose to stay do so at their own risk as emergency, fire, medical, and law enforcement response cannot be adequately provided in these areas. Those who remain will be considered unauthorized and may be subject to citation under federal, state, or local laws [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, press release, 2016.11.27].

Omaha District Commander Colonel John Henderson, who issued Friday’s “eviction notice”, maintains that dangerous elements among the protestors put the public at risk:

This transition is also necessary to protect the general public from the dangerous confrontations between demonstrators and law enforcement officials which have occurred near this area.  “Unfortunately, it is apparent that more dangerous groups have joined this protest and are provoking conflict in spite of the public pleas from Tribal leaders.  We are working to transition those engaged in peaceful protest from this area and enable law enforcement authorities to address violent or illegal acts as appropriate to protect public safety,” said Omaha District Commander, Col. John Henderson [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2016.11.27].

Hmm… dangerous groups joining the protest to provoke conflict? Would that be like the armed guard on the Dakota Access payroll who tried to infiltrate the camp? Or the dubious Black Blockers who match the modus operandi of government and corporate infiltrators?

The Oceti Sakowin camp is about to get another surge of “infiltrators”—hundreds of U.S. military veterans ready to defend the American people instead of corporate interestsVeterans Stand for Standing Rock says it has over 2,100 veterans on its roster to join the Oceti Sakowin camp at the Missouri/Cannonball confluence December 4 and remain through December 7. Their latest Operations Order makes clear these warriors are dedicated to nonviolent tactics:

[O]ur intent is to honor the giants on whose shoulders we stand, such as Gandhi’s salt protest or MLK’s Selma protest. In the ultimate expression of alliance, we are there to put our bodies on the line, no matter the physical cost, in complete non-violence to provide a clear representation to all Americans of where evil resides. The Water Protectors are leading the way against this same evil which we must all face globally, saving ourselves and our children from the apocalyptic outcome of climate change.

…[T]he national press will be on location filming our entire action which is why it is critical that we demonstrate discipline, resolve and bravery. This is not an action of violence, if you feel any potential for violence or antisocial behavior, do not participate in actions, contact us for resources to address that first [Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, Operations Order, retrieved 2016.11.28].

The VSSR Operations Order says repeatedly that “absolutely NO weapons” are allowed. VSSR even tells its troops not to bring ammo pouches, despite their usefulness for carrying other gear.

As of this morning VSSF has raised $490K of its $750K goal on GoFundMe to support this deployment. Hmm… veterans, clean water… what’s not to support?

12 Responses to Corps Won’t Forcibly Evict #NoDAPL Camp; Veterans Deploy to Support Standing Rock Sunday

  1. perhaps the Corps is trying to avoid armed militia influx like Bundy’s Oregon and Nevada escapades which nearly resulted in Waco-like catastrophes.

    However, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D. Hawaii, who blew the whistle on Debbie Wasserman Schultz, will be in Standing Rock and up at Cannonball on the Corps “hostile declaration” day, Dec. 4.

    Standing Rock people are Sitting Bull people and the strength of their backbone, not hate as old grumbling republican white men like to portray, is being demonstrated to change the course of world fossil fuel use in the era of climate change and where our fundamental western water courses are at risk, despite devious silver-spooned and greedy advocates like Kochs and Trump. yuk

    The ferocity of North Dakota winters has made these people survivors of spirit despite the government policy of genocide employed against them.

  2. on the other hand, trump seeks to save dictator “gas my own people” Assad.

    Trump ignores these realities in favor of spreading the Assad-Iran-Russia narrative about the war in Syria:

    The only forces in the country are the Syrian government and radicals, so the rest of the world must stop condemning Assad for his crimes and instead support him.

    More experienced international leaders have rejected that portrayal since the beginning of the civil war in Syria in 2011.

  3. “You don’t even know who the rebels are.” Cub scout trump said.

    As a former secretary of state, Clinton does indeed know who the rebels are. So does the Obama administration ― which has enough faith in them to continue to provide overt and covert support to a number of vetted groups within the country to battle both ISIS and Assad.

    stace nelson’s red neck SD would prefer trump’s sound byte solution. Simple minds….

    “Trump on Sunday appeared ignorant of the situation in Aleppo, saying it had already been captured by Assad. It is actually under assault by Assad, Russia and Iran, and on the brink of becoming an even greater humanitarian disaster.”

    Trumps views on Muslims and the Muslim-majority world…that’s precisely what ISIS and other radical groups want most Muslims to believe about the West, as observers have noted and Clinton repeated during the debate. But Trump proved once more this weekend that he doesn’t mind aiding their rhetoric.

  4. Paul Seamans

    All this talk of emergency services not being available is a red herring. What is called the “backwater bridge” north of the Oceti Sakowin Camp is currently blockaded with concrete wedges. There is no way to get an ambulance across that bridge. What this means is that already there are no emergency services available to the camp from the north (Bismarck/Mandan).

  5. Roger Cornelius

    How does the state of North Dakota and their goon squads plan to remove several thousand veterans?

  6. Probably a handful at a time, Mr. C. And gently and respectfully, of course. North Dakota Nice.

  7. Veterans showing support will be a big moral victory for the protectors as it should be. Warriors support warriors has always been the code of respect. Paid gunslingers never quite get the hang of loyalty to brothers in arms, until this. This could be a game changer for the hired mercenaries. Dig into your pockets gang and pony up some help. Use your pay pal accounts or use the go fund me to show your support, you will be glad you did.

  8. mike from iowa

    North Dakota GuvJackalope signed executive order ordering all protesters off federal land near DAPL pipeline. How and where does he get authority over federal land?

  9. He has just asserted it because Custer you know. He is the dude paying the excess South Dakota law enforcement folks that we taxpayers here have to keep on the payroll. Think of this taxpayers, we are paying for these guys health insurance, their retirement and all of their benefits. They show us they are just extra weight taking tax dollars for doing nothing for their counties and towns. When did they become surplus?

  10. Korey Jackson

    Note that the Morton County Sheriff is himself a military veteran; many of the law enforcement men and women on duty in North Dakota are also military veterans.

    Count me as a concerned citizen and worried veteran/military retiree; I am quite concerned about this planned confrontation of veterans versus veterans.

    I also personally find the “Veterans for Standing Rock Operations Order”, characterizing law enforcement as “Opposing Forces”, disturbing.

    What do these veterans mean by “marching (arm in arm) to our first encounter”? While non-violent, as in not throwing rocks, do they intend to cross police barricades and trespass on private property?

  11. I think that is the reason other veterans groups are going to Standing Rock. This way is to show that not all appreciate the tactics being presented to the water protectors. There obviously are two sides in this, so there is that.