Trump Calls Comey “Showboat” and “Grandstander”

Moving from impeachable to laughable, Donald Trump tells NBC’s Lester Holt that he, Donald Trump, impresario of beauty pageants, reality TV, and other splashy TV sensations, fired James Comey because Comey is a “showboat” and a “grandstander”:

Donald Trump—Donald Trump—says being a showboat and a grandstander is reason to fire a high-ranking federal executive.

Uff da—when Barack Obama was this funny, we at least knew he was kidding and would get back to seriously leading the free world.

18 Responses to Trump Calls Comey “Showboat” and “Grandstander”

  1. Just sent an e-mail to Thune. All I asked was HOW MUCH OF THIS IS ENUF? I don’t expect a reply because I don’t expect much from our delegation, but Big John is supposed to be in the senate “leadership”! Then LEAD!

  2. Ruh oh, looks like the grandstander will get to be on the sidelines with a grin much to the white russian’s chagrin.

  3. As I said in a prior post, Comey had exhibited poor decision making and developed a belief in his own impunity and self-importance. That’s basically what Trump said. Of course, what Trump means is that he’s the showboat-in-chief and grandstander-in-chief, and nobody is allowed to upstage him. There are a lot of showboats and grandstanders in DC, but nobody is allowed to upstage Trump – and Comey was trying to do that. Trump can’t fire them all, but he can fire this one.

  4. Roger Cornelius

    trump labeling Comey as a ‘grandstander’ and a ‘showboat’ would indeed by laughable, or what Troy might call ‘hilarious’.
    It is amusing if this scandal weren’t so serious.
    In the interview shown above trump once again has changed the narrative of when he decided to fire Comey. His first reasons were that Sessions and Rosenstein made the recommendation, but today he is saying he made the decision long before the Sessions and Rosenstein memo.
    trump and his surrogates can’t keep their stories straight which will only lead to more misinformation and lies.
    There is one this certainty, you can’t believe a word that trump utters.

  5. troy, this would be “irony”. ludicrously ironic of your president. spin that.

  6. We’ve injected a NEw York python into the D.C. Swamp. If not eradicated soon,we will be dealing with its offspring for decades!!

  7. “Democrats trying to overthrow a democratically elected president” how ironic. . .

  8. mike from iowa

    How is FBI and Russian interference “democratic”?

  9. “Democrats” aren’t trying to overthrow a democratically elected president. I am making the argument that the President has committed an impeachable offense and is also laughable in his blind self-contradiction.

  10. Roger Cornelius

    trump is working diligently at overthrowing trump. The matter of him being democratically elected is a question up for debate.
    And the hits just keep on coming.
    AP is reporting that trump may have committed a security breach by allowing a Russian photographer from Tass into the Oval Office.
    The photographer intentionally misrepresented his credentials.

  11. Good one, Ross. Trump is in over his head. To think I actually thought about voting for him. All he does is lie, he’s brought DC to a whole new level of sleazy corruption.

  12. Impeach Mr. Trump

  13. Richard Schriever

    Not democratically elected Sarg – that would mean he/she with the most raw votes wins. Trump was republicanly elected (electoral college process – indirectly).

  14. I’m glad Cory picked up on this.

    For Donald Trump to accuse anyone else of being a ‘showboating grandstander’ – well… there’s an old quote (Biblical) from book of Matthew, “take the log out of your own eye.”

    Bible says good (real) Christians need to help Donald Trump understand his own shortcomings, and stop accusing others of being like himself when he is at his worst.

    Clearly, Trump needs some Christian guidance, and another quick once over on the Bible – or a certain segment of his base will/should be dramatically let down.

  15. Grudz, you told someone we were sitting with, over breakfast, that you voted for Trump.

    LO f@cking L

  16. Ruh oh, even Dan Coats has tossed the white russian under the bus. Coats says the russians hacked the Democrats and that elected trump. Why is trump not willing to get to the bottom of it? BTW, 19 attorney generals and the attorney general from the District of Columbia, have sent a letter demanding an independent council to find out. Where is Jackboot Jackley on this? Jackley’s hiding in the bushes with Sean Spicer I guess. Not fit to be governor either. What a dilema the German voters of South Dakota face. Do they continue to ignore why they came to South Dakota in the first place? hint..Russia. Wake up! Ask your grandma to tell you why if you are so forgetful.

  17. mike from iowa

    Adam-you actually had breakfast with Grudz and lived to tell about it? Did he stiff you on the check?