Ironworker Challenges Speaker Ryan in Wisconsin, Shows Template for Democratic Ads

Holy cow—Sam, Dems, pay attention. Ironworker Randy Bryce, who goes by the great Twitter handle IronStache, is running against Paul Ryan is Wisconsin for U.S. House. In this video, he shows us all how to run for office in 2018:

Show your mom with MS or someone else you love, show your Republican opponent who would take away her health care next to Donald Trump, and offer to trade jobs. Boom—elected!

(And fellas, grow a mustache!)

32 Responses to Ironworker Challenges Speaker Ryan in Wisconsin, Shows Template for Democratic Ads

  1. Don Coyote

    Randy Bryce’s mother looks well beyond 65 which means she is on Medicare. While Ryan has advocated Medicare reform with some type of “privatization”, his reform wouldn’t apply to anyone currently 55 or older. Your claim that Ryan/Republicans want to take away grandma’s health care is rank demagoguery. But then when you have bupkis for an argument, I guess you gotta work with what you have.

    On a purely political note, Randy Bryce has failed in two attempts to get elected to the Wisconsin Legislature, losing by massive margins in a primary election and a general election. Probably not the best torch bearer for the Democrats in the Wisconsin 1st District which Ryan has carried with 65% of the vote in all but one general election.

  2. Ryan is a looser now in Wisconsin. G E packed their bags and moved to Canada courtesy of a dorky Ryan and his needs to satisfy the Koch’s, the loss of that location can be squarely placed on Ryan and NOem. On a political note, Nixon was handily defeated and yet he came back and won (until he resigned, take note trump). True to the cult republican you are Coyote, you cannot resist degrading the poor woman for her illness.

  3. Roger Cornelius

    If coyote did an ounce of research he would find that there have been numerous candidates that lost multiple elections before making a comeback.
    It is likely that many candidates have found their losses a learning experience that helped lead to their future success.
    coyote is naïve to think that you can tell someone’s age by how they look, I have regular encounters with people I know that are either younger or older and you’d be surprised at their age.

  4. Here is the link. Wisconsin has jobs, just like South Dakota, trouble is, you need more than one to make a living. “You Cannot Support a Family on $17.00 an hour”

    True that, no matter how you spin it, you cannot support a family on $17.00 an hour. It takes twice that in theses days to do it. Rent and housing for a family runs about $1,000.00 a month plus utilities for starters.

    Ryan just pooped in his nest. Even the russians and their crooked voting machines will not save him.

  5. Don….did you listen to the video or just play “Jump To Conclusions”. It didn’t state that she was losing her coverage only that her medication cost thousands and not everyone has (the coverage) that she has. The changes to the health care law are going to impact millions.

  6. Don Coyote

    @Roger: “If coyote did an ounce of research he would find that there have been numerous candidates that lost multiple elections before making a comeback.”

    If Roger could look up a word/phrase in a dictionary he would find that to make a comeback one would have had to been successful at sometime in that field. So far Bryce hasn’t even managed to get his foot in the door in Wisconsin politics.

    comeback: a. A return to formerly enjoyed status or prosperity
    b. A return to popularity


    “coyote is naïve to think that you can tell someone’s age by how they look, I have regular encounters with people I know that are either younger or older and you’d be surprised at their age.”

    I did my “ounce” of research and according to Bryce is 53. If his mother is younger than 65 then she would have to have had him at the tender age of 12 or 13. Even having him at 18 makes her at least 71, well over 65. My original statement stands correct.

  7. Don Coyote

    @Madman: Cory seemed rather adamant when he stated in his approval of Bryce’s ad, “show your Republican opponent WHO WOULD TAKE AWAY HER HEALTH CARE next to Donald Trump…” (emphasis is mine). Hardly jumping to conclusions.

    Bryce himself has made similar charges. “What Paul Ryan and the Republicans are doing to take health care away from millions of us, to make it cost more and cover less, and to allow the protections we’ve gained to be stripped aw away – it’s just unacceptable.”

    As I said, rank demagoguery.

  8. Coyote, you are full of the beans. Show me exactly where you came up with this nugget “While Ryan has advocated Medicare reform with some type of “privatization”, his reform wouldn’t apply to anyone currently 55 or older.” You seem to be better informed than Thune. It is clear you have not paid any attention to the CBO reports as you are probably thinking that those letters used to be the tee vee channel Dan Rather was on.

  9. Coyote, does Randy Bryce’s son also look old enough to be on Medicare?

    The specific concern Bryce’s mom raises is the cost of prescription drugs. Recall that the AHCA allows states to drop prescription drugs from the list of essential benefits.

    I’ll worry about the effectiveness of this message, Coyote, when you come out and run on the Republican ticket or step out as an official spokesmen for next year’s Trumpist candidates.

  10. The director of the Veterans Affairs has declared that Agent Orange was safe so all of those American soldier deaths and illnesses are now just make believe. Another reason why we need veterans in Congress.

    “Randy Bryce is a U.S. Army veteran, cancer survivor, and union ironworker. He joined the race for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District because his values are our neighbors’ values, and Washington has gotten way off track.

    Randy was raised in southeastern Wisconsin, and went to public schools. After graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, and was posted to Honduras, where he earned the Army Achievement Medal.

    Randy found his way to an apprenticeship as an iron worker, and has now been helping to build America for more than 20 years. He’s been active in Ironworkers Local 8, serving as political coordinator for the union, and until recently as a member of the Milwaukee Area Labor Council board of directors.”

    Paul Ryan’s bio reads more less, bottom feeder with zero compassion towards his fellow Americans that are in the 99.99% percentile of earnings. Loves him some Koch’s.

  11. Randy Bryce is spot on. Got healthcare on all levels, you are gonna loose big time. If you are 55 to 105, you are gonna get your fannies handed to you. If you are 55 to newborn, you are gonna get your fannies handed to you. Coyote, that means you as well.

  12. Donald Pay

    Ryan’s district was gerrymandered, so it will be difficult for anyone to beat him. But Randy Bryce is the sort of candidate that draws a sharp contrast, and he may also siphon off some Trump supporters.

  13. If the Union people and millenials show up to vote, Bryce has a chance. In spite of Bryce being on the side that you are against, isn’t it nice that a working-class Union boy like him is taking part in politics, Don?
    The unpopularity of Walker taking the Union power away might make people not normally vote come fill out a ballot if they’re upset enough.
    I know a lot of working class Minnesotans that support Unions dread 2018 when Dayton is gone b/c if a pub gets elected they might pull off what Walker did in MN.
    Remember, Unions built America and moved people into the middle class.

  14. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    If losing elections was the total manner on which to judge a candidate, then why did the Republicans nominate Ronald Reagan in 1980 after his failed bids for the presidency in ’68 and ’76? Or how about, John Sununu, the former governor of New Hampshire and chief of staff for Bush41, who ran for the state legislature six times before finally being elected? Not to mention the fact, that I believe Lincoln over time lost more elections than ones won, yet, he went on to be a beloved late president.

    And the only thing missing from this video is the fact, that now, Trump claims that TrumpCare, or RyanCare, is “mean,” or that the Senate needs to soften it up given the “mean”ness of the House version. But then, what is worse? Losing some elections up front or being a political leader who wins his first race and then consistently contradicts himself, and has the audacity to hold a rally at the White House after the House version of TrumpCare passes, but now claims it is too “mean?” Apparently, victory gives you an unwarranted audacity at times, while defeat enlightens and humbles you in preparation for future leadership tasks.

  15. mike from iowa

    Gerrymandering prolly had nothing t do with Bryce’s election losses. Naw, that is liberal whining.

    Dems consistently get the larger number of votes yet their % of representatives is well below where it should be. Federal courts saw this and now the activist wingnut Scotus, with an illegitimate 5th member are set to take a crack at Wisconsin’s illogical gerrymandering.

    Bryce’s Mom probably is on Medicare, but she needs supplemantal insurance to pay for the 20% of medical bills Medicare won’t cover. Those are the premiums that are set to go sky high under wingnut’s “Just Hurry Up and Die” snakeoil insurance plan/ massive taxcuts.

    You’ll get a small window to see what garbage wingnuts came up with before wingnuts press for a Thursday vote. Wingnuts and Drumpf are going about tax-reform/ tax cuts for the wealthy using the same secrecy rules.

  16. mike from iowa

    Sounds like Fitzwalkerstan is coming apart at the seams and wingnuts in the lege have had their fill of Walker.

    Way OT for Roger C- a mutual acquaintance is spending a week in yer state, Sir.
    Decent painter. You have actually met this person whereas I have not had that privilege, yet.

  17. Coyote seems to have a clear picture of how the healthcare bill bill be presented on Thursday.
    Senator McCain “Arizona Republican John McCain, asked whether he’s seen the bill, said, “No, nor have I met any American that has. I’m sure the Russians have been able to hack in and gotten most of it.””

    Here is where the United States has gone sideways with the likes of Paul Ryan, and our own NOem. We can now speak openly about how the hacking was done by the Russians as it it were just a walk in the park when it is really a double cross. Both need to spend more time with their families as they have done enough damage to this country.

  18. Roger Cornelius

    Mr. Claussen,
    Thank you for proving my point about politicians successfully can launch a comeback after losing multiple elections.
    Would you be talking about our mutual friend from Minnesota?

  19. Don Coyote

    @RC: Claussen proved zilch. Reagan had already made a name for himself by crushing Governor Pat Brown in California’s gubernatorial race in 1966. And the last time I checked, a run for a presidential nomination involves numerous primary elections/caucuses. In Reagan’s run in ’68, he not only won the California Primary he also garnered more popular votes than Nixon by convention time. As a dark horse candidate, Reagan was angling for a brokered convention but Nixon with the party regulars had enough delegates by convention time to secure the nomination.

    Fast forward to ’76 when Reagan ran against the incumbent Ford. He not only won 11 primaries but arrived at the convention with Ford short of a majority of delegates. While not getting the nomination, Reagan was invited to speak giving an address that was more memorable than Ford’s acceptance speech setting the table for 1980.

    Meanwhile Randy Bryce has had his butt handed to him in his two elections, (actually three elections if you count his loss in 2013 in a 10-way primary for the Racine County Board of Education). Even Ryan’s last opponent, Ryan Solen, is endorsing the carpetbagger David Yankovich for the Democrat nomination.

  20. mike from iowa

    Yes we would be, Sir. She is headed to the Black Hills to get focused.

  21. mike from iowa

    Thanks to everyone in South Dakota for sending me another timely bunch of rain. I know you need it yerselves but so do I.

  22. Roger Cornelius

    Mr. Claussen proved plenty. You talk exclusively about the history of Reagan’s political history while not commenting on the many losses of Abraham Lincoln and his long path to victory.
    I stand by my comments and those of Mr. Claussen.

  23. Don Coyote

    @Roger: Lincoln lost his first political race when he finished 8th in an election for the Illinois legislature. On his second attempt in 1846 he was elected and served four consecutive terms. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1846. He wasn’t particularly popular and quit after one term although he had pledged he would only serve one term. He lost his next two races for Senate but that was when Senators were elected by the legislatures. His first loss was due to a fractured Whig Party and his second loss to Stephen Douglas was due to the Illinois legislature switching party control. He then won the presidency twice. According to my count, Lincoln won seven of his ten attempts at political office, hardly the “many losses” that you speak of or Claussen’s claim that Lincoln lost more elections than he won.

  24. Roger Cornelius

    Thanks for the history lesson, coyote, I read basically the same Lincoln political history on Wikipedia, too.

    Lost job
    Defeated for state legislature
    Elected company captain of Illinois militia in Black Hawk War
    Failed in business
    Appointed postmaster of New Salem, Illinois
    Appointed deputy surveyor of Sangamon County
    Elected to Illinois state legislature
    Sweetheart died
    Had nervous breakdown
    Re-elected to Illinois state legislature (running first in his district)
    Received license to practice law in Illinois state courts
    Led Whig delegation in moving Illinois state capital from Vandalia to Springfield
    Became law partner of John T. Stuart
    Defeated for Speaker
    Nominated for Illinois House Speaker by Whig caucus
    Re-elected to Illinois House (running first in his district)
    Served as Whig floor leader
    Chosen presidential elector by first Whig convention
    Admitted to practice law in U.S. Circuit Court
    Argues first case before Illinois Supreme Court
    Re-elected to Illinois state legislature
    Established new law practice with Stephen T. Logan
    Admitted to practice law in U.S. District Court
    Defeated for nomination for Congress
    Established own law practice with William H. Herndon as junior partner
    Elected to Congress
    Lost renomination
    (Chose not to run for Congress, abiding by rule of rotation among Whigs.)
    Rejected for land officer
    Admitted to practice law in U.S. Supreme Court
    Declined appointment as secretary and then as governor of Oregon Territory
    Defeated for U.S. Senate
    Elected to Illinois state legislature (but declined seat to run for U.S. Senate)
    Defeated for nomination for Vice President
    Again defeated for U.S. Senate
    Elected President

  26. Nick Nemec

    Candidate Bryce’s ad really appeals to working people. Here in SD Billy Sutton has the ability to do the same thing.

  27. Nick Nemec

    Coyote is really going off the tracks attacking the candidate’s mom, and his attack shows an ignorance of working people’s lives and the challenges they face. MS is usually diagnosed in a person’s 30s or 40s, this woman has probably had the disease for half her life and I’ll bet insurance coverage has been an issue all those years. There are many people with chronic conditions who are in her boat. With politicians like Speaker Ryan everything is on the table. I’m willing to bet Ryan would support privatization of Medicare, which would be disastrous for elderly Americans.

    By all accounts Medicaid will have huge cuts under the Trumpcare proposals. In addition to the poor cuts to Medicaid will hit the elderly hard. Medicaid is the payer of last resort for nursing home care. Many elderly who spend time in a nursing home exhaust their savings and end up having the bill paid by Medicaid. An elderly person with a chronic condition like MS is more likely to end up in a nursing home than an otherwise healthy elderly person.

  28. From the read I have just done, not only will the elderly of all races be devastated, the Native population will be further devastated. I know that for many in our state, they have little empathy for the poor as they should have worked harder or etc…, but these cuts are going to have a bitter consequence for small business owners, farmers and ranchers and those employed by them as well. Right now, you can spend down your assets and then go to the nursing home to survive your last years on Medicaid. That will be over in the way it is going to be.

    I remember as a kid, my grandmother living with us because she did not want to sell her place, that she worked so hard for. Mom treated my grandmother with feeding her like an infant and cleaning her as well. I will never forget my mothers compassion. Those were different days though. Now, it takes both parents with more than a job apiece to try to make ends meet. Imagine how it will now be with someone having to give up their day job to take care of a loved one, be it disabled or elderly.

  29. Porter Lansing

    The plan is really bad and Cruz, Randy Paul and two others still won’t vote for it because it doesn’t hurt enough people? Draconian Machiavellian Swine …. (It only takes two no votes to scheiss can it.)

  30. Roger Cornelius

    Add Senator Mike Lee to the list of no votes.

  31. Mike Lee is the toilet paper to Ted Cruz’s _______. Wherever one goes, the other follows. Here is what we are missing. The gutting of Social Security itself.

    Medicaid is one, Medicare is the other and the big one is Social Security. They are all on the chopping block and will be destroyed shortly.

  32. Repealing ACA is the first domino in the row. Doing so just gives a big tax break to insurance and drug companies who have been giving huge “campaign donations” to Thune and Rounds!

    Cutting Medicaid is just a tax break for millionaires and billionaires. Medicare recipients, like me, will already be harmed by our supplement premiums going up. Then their goal is to “privatize” Medicare which means more premium increases while they take the money in the Medicare trust fund for more tax breaks for the richest billionaires.

    Then next up is Social Security. Congress has been borrowing from that trust fund for decades so, like Trump talked about when he intimated that he might default on the debt, they’ll destroy Social Security so they don’t have pay it back! Our own MOC’s support this travesty just for the “campaign donations”! Then they refuse to meet with their constituents, especially anyone who would dare to question their talking points! The only people who they support are the wealthy donors!